Level 25 an u want Atlas ! Ok


Looking for fluent English players over 25 ( atlas minimum ) that want to auto apply and hit the atlas tutorial and life.
Gold V and staying there until better attendance.
Must say Hi, be positive-social. Help with events. No wars. Miss a day. Have a weekend bender. Jus5 remember. Gift packs are way cheaper than a DUI. speaking of law. No cheaters, can’t fool our PG informant. She sings like a canary and will audit herself sometimes.

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Looking for Members Title

LFM – gold V Atlas teame – SKYphoenixlvl 18`


Language: friendly fluent English. Must say hi and not lurk all the time
Time Zone: late USA times. California 5pm - 2am is the average
Played time: several 2015 players including leader
Age Range: the older the better I say
Elite Account?: na
Dragon Roster Includes: na
Highest Lineage Dragon:NA

Questions. Just auto join for this week only and will do on ones in game.


Bump or dump ?

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