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My fault for not scrolling through this topic?

I was a level 280 plus when I start doing my harbinger eggs morthil and shezard. During then I recon that I need to get to level 300 before I can upgrade the incubator and breeding castle, so that I can train these 2 to breedable, then I can do wyndrian and destar.

But the journey from 280plus to 290 was painful, using up a lot of timers. And I can’t bear to spend egg tokens on nier mafic or Rhyo where I do not need. So I tried doing the timer reduction research. It was then sweet that I can maxed my noctua, which I can then do solo on up to level 340 bases undefended, and up to levels 360 bases with 3 dragons undefended. (Btw I not expert flier) was in D1

Hell cames when bases up to level 60, so I reduced what I can do by 20 levels each. But still doable, if I follows the experts fliers advises with 3 dragons, that would help during major events.

But hell again when levels were up to level 62. Farms and mills almost indestructible, even if I do a noctua, necryx and finally ferga to clear the bases.

Ok this fort I pushed myself harder to get to level 298. Which past two days I spent gems and gold chests to get timers to raise to 300.

Yay finally get to 300 and I thought I can upgrade the breeding Castle and incubator cos I didn’t know the cost (the upgrade button only show need to be level 300). But hell no, I was slapped with a 1.6mil lumber bill.

Ok let’s do the storage, but what the …, from level 61, I need to raise to level 81 storage. Now I don’t do storage much as it is very expensive and doesn’t gives xp values. Hence I just do what I need, but seriously 20 levels? That’s 58 days or 116 x 12 hours or even more at higher levels) further multiply by 20. Checked with my teammates, they spent only 1.33m. Why the difference?

Now I back to stuck with my breeding again. Can PG do something about it? Come on, at level 300, it should be fair that we can clear bases of at least 10 levels higher than us. Else it would be hell again during major events (hope fomhar can do this work as it should be stucked somewhere). Or new summer dragons should allow us to do that.

Also can the storage requirements be reviewed?

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This could be your problem. Not cost or dragon power.

Big mistake.

But yes storage only goes up 20+k each level. Which is totally unrealistic and leads to multiple upgrades required just to go up one tower level.

I kinda like the restrictions. It forces players to be more balanced. It’s a bitch getting there but it’s how it’s supposed to be in my opinion.

The problem is that the restrictions aren’t there on purpose. The devs were just too lazy to scale past the original endgame.

Edit: it’s like trying to build a house using legos and glue instead of bricks and mortar.


You are a level 300 with level 61 storage???

I am 217 with a level 73 storage.

Planning man, and obviously base building skills. You rushed to 300 instead of building up your best towers properly and are now paying the price unfortunately.

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Also, your teammates are incorrect. 1.63M is the wood cost to upgrade and does not get reduced in any way

I would highly highly highly recommend reading the theory section of my base building guide as to get a feel for base length vs tower level and how to balance this.

109m :roll_eyes: jesus

How does one have 62 farms and still only level 43 towers?

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Storage hut wasn’t maintained farms at 62 are only about 900k food/wood

Next fort he’s gonna kill it then :joy:

Don’t you have issues feeding your dragons with storage so low?

yeah thanks for all the advises, and mechengg, errm would read up but not study hard for that hahah.

Did a lot of mistakes with totem and ballistas and low towers in the past for more fort points.

Just that need to live with it then while I improve my bases with available timers. My cry was not the bases but rather the storage required. Would appreciate if the upgrade button shows not only need to be level 300 but also the cost of it so that there is more clarity.

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I’m not sure how you made it to 300 without realizing the importance of the storage hut. Also, it is worth a fortune in points during fortification. As is the dragon’s den.


Would definitely help to see costs when level locked, at least that way you could prepare in advance without having to come out of the game and read guides etc (the guides are great but would be nice to have in game capacity)


all stats posted there by @Sandberg
if u didnt check… its your fault maybe… :slight_smile:

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Second that

I live by Mechengg’s fortification planner:

It allows me to plan my updates so I know I will reach my target level needed for breeding, I will reach my target points in the event, and I’ll have the storage and builder hut to max my main towers. It also lets me know how many timers I’ll need, so I can open enough chests during other events to be ready for fort.

I get that it’s not for everyone, playing the game in spreadsheets. But it’s fairly easy to at least take quick look at http://www.dragon-manager.com/building/archerTower every now and then, and see what the storage needs are for your next few tower levels.


Storage- great building to work for event points without adding to level. Required to be high in order to feed those higher lvl dragons and store enough to upgrade the higher towers. It’s one of the most important buildings that is probably the most underestimated.

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