Level 343 looking for team

Base level :343
Breeding :mythic harb at this event
Troop : 250k+
Elite atlas : not always I do buy only when I need so much gold
Drg roster : Naja , faf , morak , chelonoth, shogroth etc
Playing : since 2018
Age : 22yr
Time zone: GMT+5:30 (India)
8/8 team achievement in every event

I need a strong atlas team ( saphare or platinum)

Mail me here or in my line a/c
Line id: pagal_22

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we aren’t atlas or platinum yet, but there is room. We are small because SOMEONE HACKED US and managed to KICK EVERYONE OFF. You are welcome to join. We are very active and are strong. We are getting everyone back as I speak.
Don’t hesitate to message me in game at GoddesArtemis

Let me know if you’re interested. We have several players in Australia and India.


Ghosteam (P3) has some open spot :wink:

Tell me about ur team achievement …
Quest …
Atlas …?

It will b really wonder if I get a team where most of player are at my time zone
But but I don’t wish switch team again and again so I need info about ur team achievement and requirements :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya, we are P3 with castles of all elements, getting more active in atlas!
We aren’t getting 8th achievement yet. But hopefully soon, we have been getting 8th in fortifcation, and this last event we were 3 players away from it.
We don’t have anyone in India currently, but we do have people that will be up during your times :slight_smile:
Team is PeritusDraconi

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Our leader stepped away to focus more on RL issues, but has recently returned. She built a strong mix of young and seasoned players. If you’re looking for a place to grow, or a place to teach, there’s a place for you here
ATeem is an A+Family, always looking for mature and motivated but laid back players.
Leave the drama At the door
We use LINE chat, but not required.
We are fiercely competitive, but realistic. Atlas, Wars, Events, :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
We don’t have set quotas in events to stay on the team, we count on you being smart enough to know what you’re doing, and that you bring your best.
This is a team of 50 players and we all pitch in, not a team of 5 officers and 45 dependents.
Expect goofiness and adult themes, but we also say Thank You a lot.
If you enjoy the game and can balance it with RL let me know.


:flushed: jeezus. That’s freaking terrible. How did they get into an officer role!?


Why do you keep posting a non-Atlas gold 3 team in threads where people are looking for platinum and sapphire and atlas teams? I wish you well building your team, but at some point it’s spam. Post your own recruiting thread and message people in game, that’s going to be more effective for you.


PM’d you :slight_smile:

We don’t know. We think we got hacked or someone else let them in. Nobody on online when it happened.

Hey vengefulones is a plat 1 team who is very atlas active we would definitely enjoy having an active player like yourself joining us

Sapphire 3 team, I contacted you in Line giving details.

I got a team for me , Thax for helping me everyone :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Lol hey bhaijan


Closing this because a team has been found. If you ever need it reopened, please send a PM to one of the moderators.