Level 357 active look for a team


Lvl 357 LFT

LFT – 357 Coe0s – gold to saphir or diamond if possible


Language: english
Time Zone: europe
Played time: always
Age Range: +30
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: jotun
Highest Lineage Dragon: mythic vanguard

:t_rex: EDIT 17th october :lizard:
So much answers ! Thanks to all for your interest, I found a great team :smiley:
See you soon in the game :slight_smile:
Have fun


Very active team in Plat3. Sitting on 2 castles in atlas about to obtain a 3rd.
Come check us out


Hi, I’m an Officer from SilverDRC and we’re a Plat 3 team. We are a friendly English-speaking team from all over the world. We are a very active and a competitive team. We require that you participate in wars, events and Atlas. We pride ourselves in helping each other in all areas of the game for us all to learn and to grow. We adopt a family atmosphere and are looking for teammates with aspirations within game who are loyal, active and supportive.

If SilverDRC sounds like the team for you, simply apply even if we are full. We have teammates waiting to go into our sister team. If you have any questions please feel free to ask myself or any of the officers. I look forward to hearing back from you and welcoming you into the fold.



I won’t lie, you would be a huge asset for us. We would welcome you with open arms, and make you feel at home with our growing little somewhat dysfunctional family.

We are SUPER active. Gold 1 and about to shift to Platinum 1. We are looking to replace a few alts and get ready for Atlas. We have already recruited a 320 and have another 300 joining us soon.

Most importantly, we’re fun to play with. We follow team strategy, and our members are very loyal and supportive. You would be happy here.


Check out Sandslingers. We are plat 2 with 6 castles in atlas. We strike a good balance between competitive and having fun. Message me in game and/or send an application if interested


I’m not sure what details you’re looking for in a team but we can chat about it if you want. Look for LastRebellion and message me, I’d be happy to chat with you about what you are looking for
Edit - we’re in S2


Come check us out! We are active, fun and are looking to move up.

Hope to see ya!


@Coe0s you should contact Mistersponte or Mistress1 from xSuaSpontex. S1 moving to Diamond, healthy Atlas infrastructure, multiple high-level players, and drama-free.


Aria check them out


We are looking for active players. Expect participation in events and wars and a little in atlas. Platinum 3 team Sidewinders. Help each other out with resources, training runs etc. if interested apply.


Continuing the discussion from Level 357 active look for a team:

TheDestroyers1 is a Sapphire 3 team looking to replace an alt. We have 15 castles in Atlas and GREAT leadership with oodles of experience at higher levels. We are a strong team looking to get stronger. If we sound as though we could be a fit for you please message me in game…InvictusII


Please post cord’s of all castles owned.



From another 357 player I say come check us out @ GuildNights. S2 team.


Ah no :wink:


Any change plz reply to griffin9a2s for Ashes2Stone- I’m about to breed my first vanguard and am looking for some good players to bring the team back up in rank and help our ppt a bit with stuff in game


Hey guys,
In need of help rebuilding an old Plat team.
Any active members want to join pls apply to Syndicates. Only have a little alliance of 3 teams. We together hold 5 castles.
We have now been forced back to Gold1.
I really want to see this team be what is used to be.
Management has changed. Feel free to mail me in game.
Have fun people!
CrazyViking333 :metal:


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