Level 415 Looking For Active Team

Looking for Team
LFT – 415 ThunderkleesSapphire to ANY


Time Zone: US Central Time
Played time: over a year
Age Range: 30s
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: A Lot
Highest Lineage Dragon: Empyrean with Abyssal waiting to hatch

About: My team is disbanding and I am just looking for a friendly active team to join. Nothing fancy, just enjoy playing and am pretty active.

Please check us out at RunningNaked! We aren’t Sapphire, but we offer a nice alternative to the top tier grind. :slight_smile:

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How about these teams? They’re all really active and lots of fun :smiley:

A bit too much fun for me, but that’s just me :sweat_smile:

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PeritusDraconi is hiring :hugs:
We are P1 working on getting more active offensively in atlas, our defense is already great! We have a bunch of castles. Egg tokens are 1966 for atlas & league daily. 8/8 for events, and 5/5 for quests please :grin:

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We have cookies :cookie:


I would offer you to join my team, but sadly i dont think you want to join a plat 4 team :confused: coming from sapphire that is.

But if you want to join us for shits and giggles,

Theres a little bit about us, and ill happily answer any questions you might have


Damn valk that was a fast like XD


MortalCHaos is looking for members to fill our roster. We are a friendly, active, p3 team, with easy mins that are mostly met and sometimes even exceeded. Top 5 in most pvp always top 10 in all pvps and top 10 in fort/breed events. 2 castles, t2 gates with excellent backup should we need it. Neutral team with NO alliance but plenty of friends that are there should we need a hand.
Email IllidanTempest for more info.

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YinYan Warriors :llama:


LOL @GhostRider419 YinYan Warriors is ALWAYS looking :eyes: (don’t they even have their own telescope in Lower Earth Orbit!?!)




If your team isn’t always looking do you even actually play the game :joy:


XXInvokersXX has a spot open for an active player. You’re very welcome here :grin:

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