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Hello, I’m on VikingsDK (P3). Not 100% sure if we have an opening, but still feel free to ask an officer.

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Check out XThePhoenixX. We get 7/8 Team Achievement during PvP & Breeding and 8/8 during Fort. We get 9/10 Quest Chest every event. We also have Atlas access with 5 castles.

Dave? THE Dave? WeLive4War!

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Dragonhelpers1 S3/S2 would love to have you all the basic saph minimums apply


Ya it’s me the dave. Haha

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Hope I spell this right, but i know phoenixrisen needs another player so I’d definitely recommend checking them out.
Sapphire 2 so you will have a great team with some good rewards.

PhoenixRisen is 50/50 right now.

I talked with them, they need/will need an extra player at end of this event. I recommended the, for a reason

We have a spot on OrderofDragoon Plat 2. We normally hit last quest prize, 8/8 for fort and 7/8 in the other events. Feel free to message me in game!

Well we are in Plat2 heading to Plat1 coming week .hit 8/8 every event almost each week and rank 1 in atlas tier as well. We are active in both and if that’s something which would interest you, just lost a player to real life commitments so we got a space. I’d message you in game ?