Level 50 totems on level 50 Temple Guardians

I can’t remember there being level 50 buildings on level 50 temple guardians previously, or am I remembering incorrectly. Anyway, this is incredible annoying, meaning it is impossible to solo for 5 flames. Why do this?

It’s been there since the first TR I guess (on one of the base).
I remember killing it with Rizar.
Plus, it’s kinda free exp boost, so why not? :rofl:
Yeah, I know it’s a bit painful for ones without high damage spells…



Pick an element that isn’t debuffed? It’s kind of a principal of strategy games where it requires you make smart choices rather than just automatically winning.

You can also get quite a lot strategy in what spell you equip if any. And what resists your dragon has.

I don’t think this is a good idea, as the debuffed elements is the same elements as the island, which grants 25% extra sweet points.
Instead, we can

  1. Use weak same element dragon + 1 strong dragons as assist. Requires IF for 5 flame.
  2. Use dragons with the same elements with high powered shot. I think it’s only available for the highest, in which we should have gotten strong enough plat (even lineage can do the trick)
  3. Bring DG.

Totems are only on guardians and shrines. Neither of which give 25% extra points for element selection.

:roll_eyes: Well…


He wasn’t meaning guards but rather temple guardians when you finish the whole element temple or the guardians on the center after you finish all elements.

I’m not sure Temple Guardian bases show their level

Also, it seems that totems are in Guards as well. Some, not all.

I was talking about the 25% elemental bonus, only related to the guards.

Edit: but I get what you wanted to say, totem can exist on those too

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Is this a standard layout? If it is then who cares? You destroy the totem right at the beginning and it’s effect gets removed.

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That is the issue being discussed.

Why has no one mentioned just choosing another guard? 4 give max points, one has high level totem and one has “indestructible towers”, that leaves 2 choices when attacking.

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To me they said guardians.

Not guards. If it’s guards then I dunno if there is a problem for low level players or not. None of my alts have had trouble but I have seen the totem at the very start which is not hard to kill.

OP’s post is fairly unclear on this. Might be a problem, dunno. Pretty sure it’s been like this from the start, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone report issues.

IF + Ember (or high leveled assist) can solve this.

If you meant tower without health, it’s fake.
Or did you mean something like this?

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So can a different base, without using an IF.

Yes fake, but still unnerving for anyone not accustom to the base doing it.

I have since found out that there are guards at level 50 that do not have the 50 totem. When I wrote the post, I thought I had checked them all, and I found it a bit unfriendly to new players.


Well a bit unfriendly it is for sure, that I can agree on.

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