Level 53 or 63 gives same xp...why?

Why is there no scaling of xp after a certain level? 52 or 53, I think…

It makes no sense.

@PGJared @PGCrisis


also the Upgrading Time stays the same…

Because you weren’t supposed to build that high, obviously game isn’t ready for it yet.
If you want more XP start clearing those trees and forests because every new tower counts!

Not sure I’d complain about the time since it’s crazy even at my low level.

This will be the case for a while, then after a few months, they’ll “Re balance” it and scale it so the rest of us get effed… C’mon @Lx460 - you know the drill :wink:

(Yes, I am still salty about the way they handled the fire turrets back in the day :rofl: )

u get this Time from lvl 53 on :roll_eyes::crown:


now imagine u need 4-5 of this towers for one level after u hit lvl 300

I only went up two levels this event and hit 800k points, that’s nuts. almost two months

i went up only 4 lvls so far and have a few to go for next Dragon Den lvl…

2 months for 2 lvl sounds awsome… which lvl are u? :grin:

223 now



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im at 1.24 million points so far… only gained 1 level lol


We want the time to stay the same, don’t give them the idea to increase that… however xp needs to scale up, it’s ridiculously hard to level up post 300

As your equal in level, I hit 319 with 1.2mil or so points in the event

Ya it depends on what you are levelling… if i had choosen dofferent towers i would have gained 2 levels

Can’t go above 60 unfortunately lol, so I couldn’t use shards

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