Level 550 glory

Are there any plans to increase the threshold for 100% glory from level 550?

The number of players counting as 100% glory has been increasing exponentially over the last few forts. It’s now ~3700, but will be close to 5000 after next fort.

Level Players on atlas teams
0-99 6584
100-199 5681
200-299 7911
300-399 10125
400-499 17988
500-599 12044
600-699 667
700+ 3

Out of curiosity, where’d you find these numbers? They’re quite interesting.

On topic: I know nothing about what this change would do lol

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I don’t see why they would raise this yet. Currently players at 550 have access to max level towers and max level dragons, so should all be fair game and worth 100%, as far as I’m concerned


It was based on a player having 15 maxed defensive towers no? Which in this case 550 is not 15 level 125’s would be around 13 if done perfectly


I was wondering same but guess bots did the magic

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Actually, good point. Reckon they should raise it immediately to 575.

Definitely has nothing to do with the fact I will go above 550 next fort. Nothing at all.


and I didn’t start this topic because I’m level 545 (and nothing to do with not wanting to give confused diamond teams 100% glory when they get lost and conquer T2s from small teams).

Numbers are from the public API.

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Hmmmm so potentially we have roughly 80k accounts including non atlas teams of which about 30k are actively participating in events per event participation numbers a while back :thinking:
So assuming some to those are alts and some not active alts we appear to have less than 30k truly active players!
I’d like pg to post some game statistics for the last few years so we can see the current health and the long term state of our game’s health!


Lmao we know why u started it no reason to up it, as 10 towers of 125 can knock many down :joy: that are above all depends on the set up :joy:


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I believe the current glory scaling to 100% is based off of the level you need to be to have an expert end game dragon. It encourages players to play on teams in leagues appropriate to their level.

Perhaps better scaling regarding APR would be a better fix…I have seen many castle cleared out by significantly larger teams. This being said, I don’t think the recent events in atlas have anything to do with glory; more with dominance…

I like the direction of the suggestion though…


I like this table as well. Perhaps a good indicator for the game that there are more 0-99 than 100-199.

No thanks

I’ve noticed an uptick of noobs in P4. I attribute it to summer vacation. Will die back down once school starts up again.

Yah! And ALTS / MINIS are STILL factored in! :upside_down_face:

If that were the case the point should be level 525 and not 550.

It’s not just about the ability to knock down (which requires active defenders, and even more so at only 10 max towers), but the speed at which completion of a valid attack occurs. 70%/90%/100% is achievable a lot quicker on 10 maxed towers vs 15 maxed towers.


I hope PG will leave this threshold for the time being. Lots of turntable teams that have one or two LV550 + players with a taunter that totally blocks the game. At least this allows this player to be destroyed by stronger allied teams without it being a sacrifice and therefore allows to unblock the situation.


Huh? How do only one or two taunters block the game, and what do they have to do with turntable teams or turntables? :thinking:

love the table