Level 60 towers, clear money grab by PG


So Noctua is a strong dragon. That’s great. Noctua gets shut down easy enough with defenders. So to “balance” the game they are adding level 60 towers? Seriously? They could have:

  1. Added strength to prior towers,
  2. Made prior towers easier to obtain instead of years of speedups,
  3. Nerfed Noctua (which would be crap IMO)

But no. They added tower levels. It is painfully obvious that this is meant to appease a certain subset of players and a blatant money grab. This won’t change anything except for max bases. Then in 2 weeks when they release another tier of dragons, they’ll have a billion power dragon.

PG should stop lying to the player base about what they are doing. “Balancing?” Really? What a joke.



Relevance is clear, so i wanted to add this link ao people could see it.


Sadly I don’t think PG cares. A 40+ day build from a tower level 45 to 46 that gets one shot killed by emerald and above is ridiculous. Or 44 day storage hut upgrades that only add 20K per level. They could have just made towers stronger or more easily obtainable. But instead, they added 5 levels of towers that people not spending $2k a month on the game have a shot of getting within the next 2 years.


Honestly…this is like me telling you that you need oxygen.


I can’t believe it either, a for profit company trying to maximize profits.



Well theyre a business, thats just how it works :man_shrugging:t2:


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