Level 60 towers for fortification?

I heard lvl 60 towers are gonna be out for this next fortification event? Don’t ya think it’s a bit to soon for lvl 60 towers already? I haven’t read anything other than what I read from line but hopefully someone can confirm or deny this terrible terrible rumor.

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Confirmed to the Creators Faction for level 60 towers.

Thanks. What do you think about that Red?

It is what it is, I suppose. I’m nervous for the balance with the dragons we currently have out in the game, because max base built right with a single defender can completely shut down the best dragon in the game (without a rider). At the same time, I like a challenge so flying these bases will be interesting.



I feel sick to my stomach…

P.S. that’s my attempt to try and stay positive :sweat_smile:


Lots of ppl are still fighting to get to emerald dragons though. This basically makes emeralds useless. Who’s going to want to work towards getting a bunch of useless dragons now? Is this because noctua is so op and can’t be taken down on most bases? Why didn’t they try nurfing the fooker instead of making it hopeless for the rest of us to ever catch up or be able to compete in this game. :triumph:

They actually talked about nerfing Noctua too :joy::joy:

But the whales would have been pissed i’m Sure so this is the better route? Ruin the morale of everyone else to please them :rofl:
This rly sux.

Thusly we should be pushing the issues with breeding progression. Not to toot my own horn but… i said so. As did red with her scalkng ideas.

The only way to catch up to the “end game” is :moneybag: . If spending crazy amounts isn’t an option, as it is for most of us, then it’s more worthwhile to be competitive with where you currently are in the game and get what entertainment you can out of it. :tada:

They’ve already made it clear that more tiers will be coming, so the only other thing left is better breeding progression.


Just gonna paste this here… again, not trying to push anything but I really think that this idea will be what saves the game. From what i see, the game will be unplayable by sometime next year. Read if you wish.

Umm, PG realises that noctua can just barely handle 55s with three defenders? 60s are gonna be the death of competition because it will make the base almost unbeatable for :fire::fire::fire:+:fire::fire:. Not to mention the implication to the earlier game players…

TBH this only affects a very small % of players who have maxed Obsidians. It will also make Diamond wars more interesting! I personally don’t mind extra tower levels as its so far away for me anyway that it is meaningless… :wink:

Are the ice flaks coming too?

So this is what I’ve been showing to PG in a more private area:

Much love to Had, btw. So undefended I can solo his base with my unboosted Noctua. This is the run with two very light defenders:

Then we have the lovely Marge :heart:

The undefended run saved, but not the defended. Here’s the undefended:

With one light defender on her base, here were my results:

Community, please share your videos of obsidians vs high level bases (at least 10 level 55 towers), both defended and undefended if you would.

Unfortunately, the only thing that will come of level 60 towers is another rushed into production dragon tier. PG will not be giving a break to anyone

Do we really want all bases to be able to be solo’d even if defended Red? Where’s the fun in that? I think this will make wars at the highest level much more interesting - with level 60 towers attackers will now have to get high level backup on an undefended run on the max base.

The point is that even the high level backers won’t be able to do it

No, I’m saying that level 60 towers are coming out to “balance Obsidian” when Obsidian isn’t that out of balance in actual game play practice.

I don’t know what wars you fight, but we already have high ass level backup.