Level 62/63 farms- almost unbeatable

Not sure if that’s an issue for all, but would like to reflect my experience. That farm and mill upgrades is good, however became “supergood”. I have a expert noctua with expert conquerer, even that I still find challenging to take down bases with level 60 farms. Didn’t try it on level 62/63 after the last fortifications, but tried out during this event (due to the flames). It was hell, no way can get through as they heal like nobody business, even when no defender. IMO it was overpowered. Can pg look into it? Nice if I’m the defender, but loathes when I’m the attacker, esp if team war.

Level 63 farms/towers are match for mythic harbinger tier dragons.if they have problem in cleaning up, then you have big issue here.

Expert Noctua + maxed rider with gear is still not equal to expert mythic harbingers. That’s my guess but harbingers owners may correct/confirm it.

But yet a level 1 red dragon can one hit them :joy:


Nah, I saw follow by destar, can clear 2 out of 4, with the skillset. And this is without any defender online. Can’t imagine how if team war with hammers spamming. Maybe those who got mythics harbinger can throw a light, whether with defenders can clear?

I haven’t had an issue with them at all. Sure obsidians may take a few extra hits on them, but my Neptus takes them down like nothing. Even spamming them in D1 wars they went down easy enough.

Obsidians just don’t have the DPS to take them down if they heal. Noctua always had issues on farms. I’m sure attacking 63s makes it even worse.


In my opinion it’s very dumb they put these huge gaps in power between tiers & towers.

It’s great for them (PG) because when the next tier is godly compared to the previous or a few tower levels higher become extremely difficult compared to ones just a few levels lower then it pushes players to really go out and get/spend on the next tier or tower.

But for the players it’s horrible!!
Players love to breed and fly new dragons but because of this 99.9% of lineage dragons outside of the last tiers are useless.
And it’s not just that it effects every aspect of the game…They are ridiculous to defend on a base not matched with top tier towers, pretty much unstoppable!
One minute Noctua is the king of the skies and now all the sudden he’s just another dragon.
Seasonal dragons you love become useless when
New tiers are released and the previous tier is nothing.
Even though tiers like Saph/Emerald are priced as top tries they are filled with useless dragons and the trend will just continue…Its going to be very bad when another 1-2 tiers come out but Mythic Sapphires will still be 220k+ tokens.

If the gap wasn’t so huge between dragon tiers and tower levels you could still fly dragons 2-3 tiers down
And be effective…And players with the best dragons would still have to have skill to take on lower bases, not just fly through them untouched!
Seasonal dragons and lineage dragons would last much longer the game would just be overall a lot better and a lot more competitive…You could compete with someone 2-3 tiers higher if you were the better flyer, not just have your base walked through by an unstoppable Warrior.
It kills competition if it was the other way the game would be a thousand times more competitive.

But I guess if you always make the next tier 20x more
Stronger then you’ll have ppl spending huge to get them…of course nothing will ever happen! So the gap will continue to widen :roll_eyes:


Sorry for getting off topic a little :grimacing:

I will agree with you on 2 implied points.

  1. Dragon power shouldn’t be exponential. Meaning they shouldn’t double in attack power every tier.
  2. Costs should be reduced for dragons that are no longer top tier.

But I vehemently disagree that people that are 2 or 3 tiers back should be able to compete with players at top tier. Nier and Icicle shouldn’t even be able to touch harbinger bases. Believe it or not, dragons are cheap in this game. Bases are what is expensive. I have every dragon from Draco to Rajin. I’m level 345. A max base shouldn’t be touched by emeralds anymore. My base is far from that. I don’t think I’m even halfway to a max base.

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Somewhat agree. But harbinger base should be at least possible to be cleared by obsidians, of course needs to be a good flyer and not emeralds. But the intense healing is something that should be looked at, although after this fort I should be about the same levels. But noctua shouldn’t be in this case be obsolete,too fast and that doesn’t gives any game satisfaction, IMO.

the healing spam by AI is a bug,

For now the easiest work around is to force the AI to use the supershots elsewhere

Not sure about that, because despite letting many supershots before reaching farms, they keep healing each other. sometimes it does get frustrating and i suspect they coded farm supershots to be unlimited with AI.

Why shouldn’t they be able?

What would be terrible if that person was a great flyer why not be able to take down a max base with an emerald dragon?

Ppl would still go after max dragons and max tiers because they are better…But competition would be so much better and it would help so many other areas of the game. Imo

A dragons life would be 10x what it is now…And it would be A LOT more about better skill sets and flying skill rather then just who has the strongest dragon!

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I suspect the reason Destar is still OP is mostly because people have atlas gear for Destar ready and bases don’t have such high defense comparitively.
Moreover, peasants like you and me don’t even get atlas access so we are basically banished from speaking … :exploding_head:


Noctua is similar to Necryx, which I consider as setup base type dragon. Neptus type of dragon can clear these farms easily LOL even with defender because it is set to be unless PG decide to nerfted it.
so that players can get on with the new divine LOL hahaha


  1. It probably costs $4k for an emerald dragon. It costs a good $50k for a max base. The game would cease to exist if bases weren’t worth building.

  2. Competition is just fine. I see plenty of sandbaggers in lower leagues that easily could be in diamond.

  3. You assume that the newest dragon is an “I win” dragon. The only dragons that were really that were Destar and Noctua when they were released. And even then, you still had to learn to fly them and defenders figured out how to beat them.

You just want more people to be able to compete at the highest level without earning it. Complain about the ridiculous costs of 2nd and 3rd tier dragons. But those dragons shouldn’t be able to beat 1st tier bases.

Probably I have a suitable analogy for this topic.
You can’t expect old phone to perform as well as the new one.
Sure that your phone maybe the best for its generation. However, the highend one from recent generation can beat it…

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And it is. It can be done with noctua too. Noctua has always been weak on plots. It was really bad for a period. But consider using vines or an equipped spell.

And it’s not necessarily true that any previous gen dragon should solo a base with 1 dragon. But it is possible with noctua.

Level 63 are nothing. I’m not sure why they let people who can’t have harbinger dragons build level 62 plots, but they are still much easier to kill
Than level 60 was for a short time.

Nope not even close, but that does help. He’s so strong because of his HP, which can be significantly beefed up using armor. The reason this is so strong is that red spells are HP based and you can equip them. All you have to do is hit spell flux to destroy a red mage and then drop chain lightning and almost any base will die.

Of corse destar dies easy without rage to cast flux.


Sorry, not really on topic, but this bit is disturbing me.

You might want to use the Vanquisher for hunter dragons, that‘s the one with the hunter specific buffs :wink:


so the spell flux is based on modified HP and not base HP ?
Not sure which spell takes what hp anymore :exploding_head:

Not quite.

This is a bug caused by sorc dragons on the perch, just vine them and then take them out.