Level 65 towers. What say the players?

The intention of PG is to release level 65 towers to combat the power of the Harbinger tier. Considering the towers are still nerfed compared to what they should have been all along this makes no sense to me. Why not raise the power to where it should be before selling us OVERPRICED and UNNECESSARY new towers? Beside making lightning towers completely useless due to giving every damn dragon lightning resist, the balances are still messed up.


How about crediting back all the lumber, embers, shards, rubies and timers used for building these flawed towers back to everyone and allowing us to rebuild our bases with the “new” towers in mind? That is of course AFTER new tower data is finalized, set in stone, and released to the players BEFORE they are implemented. This way PG can “rebalance” everything they want to get it right then allow us to decide what we want to do.

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Not when towers are still capped at 42 :woman_shrugging:t2:

They still haven’t fixed the level “60” towers

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Hmmm, why not just uncap the towers and let them be what they should be. Then new levels should not be needed.

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@PgJared voiced his opinion on this when he decided to leave his role. I don’t believe that it was mere coincidence

He left his role? I thought he just went on vacation?! lol

What company do you know in the US that permits you to take several months in a row of vacation?

Though I do know of a few former colleagues who did that, PG has no formal vacation policy limit, and he’ll be gone for around a month instead of a few months :stuck_out_tongue:, though it is too early to tell too :see_no_evil:.

So you believe that he coincidentally left right before everything in this game went to crap, which was done so by poor development team decisions. I’m using the word “team” very loosely as it is evident that there’s little to no communication between employees.

It is amusing to think that, but I don’t know either way, just that we’ll see in late Feb (or not :see_no_evil:). :joy:

Of course they are not the solution, but will they come and be more expensive than ever…absolutely

A lot of companies permit this. It’s called a sabbatical, and once approved by your employer, you can leave for months at a time and are guaranteed your employment when you return.

We have plans to rework select towers prior to their max levels increasing. We’ll share more news as it is ready. :slight_smile:

Here is the issue, if you want to try and convey this to the powers that be and @PGPulse. You just had a fort event so…even IF your solution is new towers, that is a minimum of a month out. Meaning you released new dragons TWO months before the towers came? Wtf kind of logic is that…?

This is a very clever business decision :panda_face:.

They let our bases be ANNIHILATED for those 2 months to create a DEMAND for the lv 65s.

Nothing happens by mistake here it’s all well thought out. :wink:

Lock some ppl in a room and increase temperature. After 24 hours they will pay THOUSANDS for a bottle of water.

Same principle


A sabbitical is not vacation… don’t blend terms please. A leave of absense is also not a vacation. I do believe that Jared probably saw what was being pushed across his desk and strongly disagreed with the moral ethics of these bs implementations. Regardless of how much he and I butted heads here , I can tell you that he wouldn’t sit there and act like your company isn’t screwing over your player base like you have been doing the past week @PGCrisis . If you truly believe that these changes were good and that players shouldn’t be up in arms, I would love to hear your reasoning behind that.


That wouldn’t fix it. It would just make a few towers good while keeping all original towers underpowered and essentially useless like Archer, cannon, trebs and Lightning. They need to do more than fix the flak and ice/Fire turrets…

I agree, the older towers need to be fixed too

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Level 80 towers are inevitable. Its just a matter of time…

Here’s a suggestion. Why do towers need to start right at the bottom? Why not new towers where at level 1 they’re same power as say a level 40 today. Think dragon tiers. Similar theory. That way they can keep scaling up tower power without needing to add new levels all the time.

Cap existing towers at 60 or wherever. But set a cap. At some point will these towers become obsolete? Yes, but these newer breed of towers will replace them. Also prevents too much xp as not as many tower levels required on these new towers to increase their power. Gate the levelling through rss required.

I think this could work? :man_shrugging:


Also, from what I have seen, good bases with level 60 towers still have a full long island of unused real estate. If towers got capped, people could eventually have full bases. Maybe more variety in layouts?

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I think most of my responses would only contain 4 letters. You cant fix stupid so why try anymore.

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