Level 70s looking for Platinum 1 team

Hi guys!

I am a level 70 looking for a platinum 1 team. Im highly active and also have 3 more levels 69, 71 and 77 if you have space.
Current team: Impecables
Time Zone:
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:


70s don’t do too well in Plat 1.

Same as the 201 with only Sapphires asking for a Diamond team :joy:

Probably Plat 4 would be more realistic for you.

I can get ya gold 1/2

Yes go with Jonesy - you’ll learn and grow

I am in Plat 2 just spanish team

He posted the “higher league” thread lol coz he wants to go to Diamond

Fact is, you’re not really big enough for a Platinum 1 team to take you unless they’re extremely generous and looking to fully carry you. You were gold 2 before your team disband 5 days ago based on forum history, (or the 35 players left, not sure which) I’d either suggest you go with @Jonesy to a more appropriate league for your level, look for an English speaking P3-P4 team, or stay where you’re at since you did get a Plat 2 team to take you in.

Not to mention I don’t think any P1 team is gonna jump on trying to fit in 4 small accounts.

I would suggest, however, you fill in all the details on the questionnaire you reposted as they’re all something any team platinum and above is really going to be interested in knowing before accepting a new player.

Check out NightCircus. We are very active and most of us have been together for over a year. We like to help out with anything and everything. We are currently Gold3 because we just formed two weeks ago and looking to move up.

Thanks For the plug Stef!

I guess it is worth mentioning that I’ll consider taking all 4 accounts (had to clear some inactives).

Level 70 in Plat 1 is typically an alt for one of the higher players on the same team. Filling a spot until a real player comes along


Guess you found a new team already? Cause you ain’t on the team you say you are…

Hello! My team and I would love to have you and your friends. I’ve sent you an email in game, from ProfitofDoom

Hey hun. In ArkhamLegends we have some spaces for y’all! We aren’t platinum yet but next week we shall be. HMU if you wanna join us. :kissing_heart:

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