Level Playing Field


Here’s an idea for an event that eliminates the ability for a team to take 1st place by spending the most money. I understand the developers aren’t going to get rid of anything that actually makes them money (it is a business, after all), but how about 1 or 2 more events that can level the playing field?

For instance, something similar to KotH or Kingdom Wars, with no ability to use inner fires or purchase anything “super”. You can get a mega by developing up to 80 flames, but that’s the extent of your bonus. This puts all teams on the same level with no ability to spend yourself into the top 10.

Would at least be interesting to see if the usual top 10 can still make it without cashing out…


You can get IF/Energy packs without spending.


Very true, and with some $$ you can get more chests and more ifs, then open those chests and get more ifs.

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