Level to breed gold legendary dragons

What level do I have to be?
I’ve seen most say 63 but it’s not?
Anyone have a way for this breeding event that I can get points without spending too many tokens? I need the discount from Aibrean :sob:

63 for Khrysos and Sekoronos (Ferrox + Basileus)
70 for the others

Level 63… as most say…

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Why 70 for the others?

Because you need breedable epics, and that requires a level 70 den.


Noooooo :sob::sob::sob::sob:
Rip the discount for Aibrean

So I have to wait another month before I can breed Cons and Whale?
Should get them both in one event though :thinking:

Oh right lol, my bad. Thought i had legendary golds at 63 but apparently i remembered it wrong :slight_smile:

If you’re only finding out now I guess you’ll have some leveling to do anyway… What were you planning to breed them with?

Cons and whale

Yes you breed them in parallel so you need to breed them both in one event :wink:

I meant what parents are you planning to use? If you want to breed them this event you should already have Yersinu at a breeding level, and you should’ve noticed you can’t level him past level 6.

If you haven’t leveled Yersinu yet you’ll find it quite tricky to get him 1.5 million XP before the end of the event anyway…

Yep he is level 6 now

If I remember right I got Yersinu and Bander on my 63lvl alt. Question is if I could hatch them or not. I know my incubator was blocked and I had to wait a bit. Then you will need higher than 63 to make them breedable. My baby alt is 74 and will get Whale + Consurgens this event. So you don’t have to climb so much. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: happy breeding

You can get gold rare and epic at 63, but you cant get epic gold to breedable level before den upgrade at level 70, you can pile exp though

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