Level to Breed Raijn (not hatch!)

I’m doing some breeding planning ahead of time, trying to coordinate with fort.

I could possibly breed Raijn exactly 3 events from now (Opes + Estril).
Only thing is, I might not be able to hit 300 by that point (I would have to jump from 265 to 300 in the fort before that, which is pretty steep)…

So my question is, according to Red’s plan I have to be 300 for Raijn, but does that mean in order to incubate the egg, or do I have to be 300 to even put Opes and Estril together for breeding?

If I can’t even breed him before I might as well slow down my breeding, but at least it would be nice if I could breed him before then pop him in the incubator once I hit 300.

Either way, thanks for the help!

You need 300 for rajin and his parents. On 300 leg harbs go from lvl 1 to 12, and mythics 1- 16. Build build :wink:

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Wait, so you mean I can’t even incubate Estril or Opes before 300?!
That’s pretty backward since I need the obsidian eggs from breeding Estril in order to even advance my base in the first place :cry:

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Unfortunately it’s true… I was in the same position as you last season and because I went 1st time for a mythic I didn’t even go for egg boost. This is the point where timers start being a little more important than egg tokens :upside_down_face:


@AngryDrache to be precise, you can breed Estril and Opes before 300, but you cannot hatch them until then. You will get the obs eggs to level your base though, because the eggs are obtained through breeding.


Thanks a lot for the insight.

If I revise my next fort plan and push for 5 M points each the next 2 forts, I should be able to hatch Opes/Estril in time to breed Raijn by 3rd breed - timers willing!

Next fort will cost 1000 days, which I have the clocks for no problem; the one after is 915, which will then be the stretch…

Time to start spending my gold chests during fort instead of pvp events!

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I’m in much the same boat as you. Currently 260. Bred Estril last event and will do Opes the upcoming one. I’m way behind on research, so rather than push I’ll then be doing 2 research only breeds, which will also permit me to get to 300 at a more natural cadence and time to amass more timers.

That’s a good possibility. I can make the push next fort and if it doesn’t pan out the fort after that I can insert a research-breed for a filler - thanks for the tip!

There’s no prize at 5m, better push for one 4m and one 6m fort.


yea that then occured to me, might as well do it that way… good catch!

I did this myself last fort event (not the one that just finished lol). I had Estril and Opes and had to jump from 275 to lvl 300 in one event (making sure to do my incubator AND my breeding castle upgrades) so that I would be able to breed Rajin two weeks later. I also speed hatched both Opes and Estril so I wouldn’t have nearly as much grinding to do with Rajin :slight_smile:

And then I made the choice to not only go for Lokan, but to also pick up Sanguis (who I can’t hatch until lvl 360 :sweat_smile:) too :laughing:

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I jumped from 270 to 300 this fort for the same reason. Also I missed that you need a pretty big storage to build the incubator and breeding hut upgrades, so watch that as well. Kinda overshot my 6m target because of that :see_no_evil:

I waited a bit and did the plat construction research in one of the breeds before i hit 300.
That allowed me to not force in fortification and spread the effort a bit
Its costly but wirth it imo

I’ve been doing 20 levels each fort to try to keep my breeding and building in balance. Next breed I finish Estril and Opes and next fort is 300 with 6x60s. I’ve been using my farms to keep me at the 4M prize but next fort will be the 6M prize.

I was afraid of that. Just checked dragon manager and I’ll need at least lvl 81 storage to upgrade the incubator/castle. Looks like I better go back and recalculate my points per event…

Another thanks to everyone for all the different angles and ideas, great help!

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