Level up bounty harbor

I noticed bounty harbor says level 1, but there is no option to upgrade it. Can’t it be upgraded? If so, how?

It cannot be upgraded

Pg can do like that ( suggestions) , give option to upgrade bounty harbor and if lvl increases it can give more resources than before and other good stuffs like elemental , shards , black pearls etc

I’m very happy if it gives glyph when it upgraded bc glyph now open for players who hv money and spend on games ,( runic chests ) .

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Waiting six hours, to only get one sword, is ironic. I like the idea of being able to upgrade the bounty harbor. Or have the spoils reflect the level of the player.

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Please use the search function, we had a few recent topics regarding the Bounty Harbour. This is the most relevant to you:


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