Level up events suggestion

Events like breeding, training and FORTIFICATION are currently 5 days long like PVP events. I call these events “bookend” events, they are only productive at the start and the end of the event, boring in the middle.

Make these events TWO DAYS LONG.

In a five day period you can have two of these events, creating excitement and aggressive game play. During that week of competition, we still get a break from PVP but are hitting the build ups harder.

Again my suggestion: make these TWO DAYS LONG

Thanks for all the support and this game.

Err no
Make pvp events 2 days long instead


While they are too long reducing them to 2 days in my opinion is too short. I know personally I enjoy having at least 3-4 days because I breed aggressively. The dragon I get on Wednesday I usually get to breedable immidiately, then breed the next dragon. That dragon takes me a day or two to get to breedable level which then I use to breed the 3rd dragon on the last 2 days.

As far as Fortification and Feeding, yeah having 2 day events is great for competitive people in the USA because they have advantage of being online when the event starts. As we all know it’s really hard to get lumber/food after the first hour of the event. Other people get to catch up on the day 3-4-5 so I think those 2 events are fine.


Maybe it’s different at high level, but I’d rather keep them longer. For fortification and feeding, the event length means people run out of clocks or dragons to feed after a while, so it becomes possible to raid for resources again, and/or build up bigger supplies without being raided every five minutes. If the event was only two days, it would be much harder to get any building done, at least for me.

For breeding, I’ll take as many days of double-token egg missions as I can get. Also at low level where I am, 5 days means I can breed a rare/epic dragon and level it to breeding before the event ends. I guess at high level with the season egg bonus on the breeding could as well just be 5 minutes long, but at lower levels it’s nice.

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I see your point, this idea seemed good a little bit ago.


Also, 2 days long could screw over people who wouldn’t have much time during those 2 days. 5 days gives people an opportunity to actually participate. Fort/breed events are important to player growth whereas PVP events are just for the rewards.

True, but if you miss the beginning you are screwed.

I would suggest a posted starting time in stone so everyone has an opportunity to jump in.

I usually do fine during the back end of the event. But if it was two days long you’d really be screwed if you miss the beginning as there is no back end.

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A starting time in stone? You can’t have a fixed starting time where everyone in the world is awake and free for war dragons. That would still not be good for 2 day rss events.

that was the whole point. This idea is being shot down. Oh Well!

Definitely would keep breeding at 5! Maybe knock a day off Fort?

But I would love if they cut down the PVP events those just dragggg at the end!
Something like Treasure Hunt 12 hours & event 60 hours

err, no thanks. I need to get hauheset then get him breedable before I can get or start frostbiter. Not long enough IMO.

If the event lengths were cut down, it would make it extremely hard for low level players to be able to participate well. Take fort for example. A high lvl player may do four upgrades in the first fifteen minutes of the event and be done. A low lvl player can’t really do that. It takes grinding at low lvls to make any progress. The same with pvp with low points for low lvls and for breeding, feeding, etc. I think it would also greatly discourage players outside of the US, because their window of opportunity would shrink drastically. Unless they get up and play in the middle of the night.

Leave events at their current length.

Just some thoughts.

It’s doable! I did that on the 2nd breeding event I was getting Hau (took me 2 events to finish her). It’s a lot easier if you purchase the 200% xp boosts though :laughing:

There are also guides out there that will tell you how many runs you’ll need to make in order to get your new dragon breedable.

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Well, one major problem with fort and feeding is that they wreak havoc on the war dragons economy. There simply is not enough wood or food to go around in the first few days. The “GDP” of the war dragons economy is based mostly on the output of farms and mills, which do not produce at a very high rate.

The only cushion availible to satisfy a huge increase in demand is whatever is in escrow in food/lumber packs and storage surplus. Having the events run for most of a week allows production to catch back up to the huge demand, as people run out of speed-ups and cap their dragons.

Shortening these events would drastically exacerbate this already serious problem. The only players able to build would be the ones online at the very start of the event. This would leave many players extremely frustrated.


yup. Very true.

Any tricks to levelling up fast Coach? Or just the usual grind grind grind?

Open chests during breeding event. You will get bunch of XP potions. After you run out of XP potions grind grind grind. :smiley:

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