Level Up Necroth

Hello everybody
I am now back after 1.5 years.
For a long time you can develop the Divine Dragons from a certain level.
Back in the days of the Season Necroth, I finally managed to free him up to the Platinum level. Problem with that is I could only level it up to a level of 22.
Will I need a Evolution stone for him at level 25 even though I had already played the platinum level?
lg Fox

You would need Necroth eggs, but I am pretty sure they are not going to release those again.


Necroth doesn’t use evolution stones. He uses Necroth Eggs which are unavailable now. There are tons of new seasonal dragons being released these days, look for a new one you like.

Welcome back :blush:

Ahh Ok and thx guys…necroth Fragments will needed.
I believe in the event you could earn these fragments to level him up. Then I should still have enough fragments to push him. We will see after i reach lvl84.

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