Level Up Reward Details


These are the rewards that those who weren’t lucky enough to be selected for are missing out on:


I know that this is really nitpicky but for future reference it would have been helpful for you to freeze the first row so that people don’t have to memorize the order of prizes or keep referring to the first screenshot.

Other than that, props.


Perhaps, or create a table here


So strange the rubies drop every few levels… :joy:


Even that might introduce the same issue. I think the easiest way to have done this would just be to post a link to the spreadsheet itself. That way first row could be frozen, people could easily zoom in to read it better, and any updates would register.


Tables can be fun.

The rubies appear to drop when chests are given as part of the reward…

I personally haven’t leveled, so I don’t know for sure if i have it.


I wish I was chosen to get that feature, basically because ya know, I like getting free stuff.


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