Level up rewards

So I’m wondering how many people out there are getting rewards for leveling up their accounts. Saw a post that someone made on one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of and they got the attached reward for leveling up. They also said that multiple people on their team tried it and only half of them got it. What’s going on here :thinking:


They must have either been invited to the game by someone else, or invited someone else themselves. When you do that, you get rewards when certain level plateaus are reached.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t those just for every 10 levels? In the beginning its every 5 levels then at some point changes to every 10 levels. This reward was for lvl 139.

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Referral rewards are only on levels 2, 5, and then multiples of 10, up through 100. If you’re getting them for 139, that’s something else.


That’s what I thought thanks for confirming I’m not completely crazy :crazy_face:.

Lol when I initially saw your post, my screen looked something like this:

So the image was too small for me to actually see what level you had reached :laughing:

Edit: it’s my bad for not zooming in to check the actual level lol

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It’s fine LizDrakemoor I completely understand. I wasn’t even aware you can run wardragons and something se at the same time.:rofl:

You can on iPad Pros. Multitasking is the best :smile: Only downside is if I try to type anything in the multitasking window, I can’t have any in game chats open lol. For whatever reason it won’t let you do that.

The multitasking feature also makes it a lot easier to do translations and stuff since you don’t have to leave the game to run it through google translate.


That’s not how that works!

I’ve never seen this before!

What you are saying about the inviting the person who was invited the rewards stop after they hit level 20!
The rewards keep going for the person who sent the invite but not like that it’s the same reward everytime and it’s when hit every tenth level like 20,30,40,50 etc.
It doesn’t look like that and it’s not that many rubies, 1,000 rubies is the most it goes up to!

I’ve honestly never saw this are you sure who posted it that it’s actually real?

I honestly have no idea. I only ever invited one person to the game, but she was on android and I was on iOS so we couldn’t get the invitation link thing to work :woman_shrugging:

I haven’t looked at the invite rewards all that much.

@PGEggToken @pgjared @PGCrisis what’s going on here? Is this a test? There was a note in 4.15 about levelling up QoL features. Is this one? When will it roll out to all players?


I wouldn’t mind rewards from leveling! :grin:

But I’m not sure why 139? I doubt it’d be for every level lol but even every 5 or 10 would be nice instead of every 100!

I don’t think it is though…I’m not sure what this is!

Well if we’re getting levelling up goodies I want the 10 levels worth I got last fort! :joy:


I want the 17 lvs worth I did last fort event. I hit 139 and didnt get squat. I declare shinanigans!

Happy for the reward but still curious as to what determines these rewards and the scaling.


Now I REALLY want my rewards. Those rubies…yum


Well, it looks like it’s a Atlas teams feature. Just for fun, I upgraded a tower to level once and I got zilch, nada, zero rewards. @PGJared, what’s with this ?

Why do you immediately assume its an atlas feature?
I have atlas and ive never seen this level up reward before.


@TeeBro You tested right now ? I did it five minutes ago and I got zero. I did get a new image after the upgrade, not anymore the usual one. It may be part of the rebalancing they talked about… I have not yet Atlas (tomorrow maybe if all goes as PG planed) and I supposed it should be Atlas related. I wonder how many people without Atlas got these rewards in the last 24-48 hours for leveling their base.
And the fact that some get and some don’t it’s utterly frustrating, Atlas or not.

This is the new image I got today. Totally different from what I used to have during the last Building event. The 4.16 wasn’t available either.

I agree it’s frustrating. But why immediately ITS GOTTA BE ATLAS!! lol…