Level up rewards


This. 1,000%.


PG is too stupid to realize this,otherwise they’d increase rubies in packs to be more valuable to the buyer. 35k for 100 bucks is crap,and anyone who’s played games outside of mobile games knows this too.


While I think they would benefit (in profit) from being more generous with a virtual product, I don’t agree that more will result in more profits as a blanket statement. It’s a bell curve and too much freebies is just as bad as not enough.


Well of course you can’t give away the farm, but with the devaluation of gold chests over time, failure to scale daily token payouts with ever-increasingly expensive dragons, failure to scale timer rewards with level, etc., the trend has definitely not been generous. I suspect this is part of the reason they’re testing this as well. Lemme tell ya, scaled level-up rewards in the form of eggs and rubies and timers is just what the doctor ordered to help mitigate some of the major progression issues.

Actually, I still would not be likely to spend because I would fully expect the rewards to glitch somewhere and end up biting me in the ass.

They need to fix some of the loooooooong-standing bugs in the code before they get more of my money.


I’ve seen Sometimes 4K or more rubies on a single level?

Some players level 10 even 20 times during Fort, extra rubies and Timers might help them level more or persuade them to level more!

So you don’t think possibly an extra 20k, 40k or even 80k rubies to only select players is fair?

Especially during Fort! That’s almost just like giving them a couple $99 packs :joy: wtf?
You guys have done this with about everything I don’t even get irritated anymore! It’s rewards for leveling! What is theee to test?!? How much it hurts profit? I doubt it’ll be that much just release to everyone, please! And thanks! :wink:

Seriously If trying it out, I don’t understand, why not just try something like this out on everyone? More then likely it’s gets pulled so only those players will benefit from it! :roll_eyes:


I know this isn’t the proper thread,but I can’t post in atlas. Does PG never test updates :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Except you do realize thats an impossible objective?
If you don’t announce it, then people won’t act
if you do announce it people will act
if you don’t announce it and people find out they will act.
Everyone has biases, and behaviors. Player data isn’t even unbiased, it is a direct reflection of the biases of individuals in response to the stimulus. That’s basic psychology, and a presupposition of the scientific method applied to any person or even animal.


I don’t know much about psychology but common sense, if your giving out nice rewards and want to try it out then might be a good idea to try it out on everyone?

I don’t think “testing” this out on everyone is going to fry the servers lol


Why is everyone debating the fake reason they provided?

Its completely missing the point

It is the same as the response they give in in-game support " Thats a nice idea, go post on forum" its a canned response, its nonsense.


That’s all I get too just a congratulations no rubies


I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying here.
I believe Arelyna responded saying that it was testing a small sample of the population but I could be wrong


Mobile games more expensive now. Hahaha! I just cant believe it too.
Lets just give it to players who can spend in this game. They earned it.

Lets urge PG that this is is actually a good idea /plan/update/change Whatever, then lets wish they roll it out to everyone before fortification event.

Pls PG let us have the rubies to splurge everytime we lvl :eyes:.

Hi @PGCrisis and @Arelyna.

I dont understand what you mean on unbiased behavior? The intention of pg is not clear on why do this?


Folks, Arelyna and Crisis aren’t messing with you here. The A/B test monitors behavior, not feedback. They’re checking things like:

  • Does it cause players to stop playing
  • How does it impact participation in events
  • How does it change the level-up curve
  • And yes, how does it change how / if players spend

Strangely enough I can tell you from experience that sometimes if you give folks free stuff they get bored and leave. We don’t want that. We also don’t want to shoot the game in the foot and suddenly not be able to pay to keep the lights on.

That’s not to say your feedback isn’t important. However, at the end of the day we are going to be looking how it actually changes the behavior of the players who have it with a bit more weight than feedback on the forum. Please don’t stop providing feedback though, as it does matter.


Adult answer, thanks.
Rather you have enough people on the payroll to advance this game outside of Atlas.


Keep an open mind…

Quite frankly this happens eventually is a necessary, and excellent, idea. Not because I want to have extra rubies to spend :wink:. I wrote something yesterday that became lengthy but I want to point out probably the most important effect the level-up rewards have that ends up a direct investment return for PG.

I’m thinking about all the constant additional new customer base that can be retained and turn into long-time loyal customers. Something to help them get a good start in the game and be able to get to a decent level fast enough to see what WD has to offer. Also, they have incentive to keep building more between fortification events knowing they will get something when getting to the next level that can help make up for some of the speedups they might burn if choosing to build between fortification events. Currently, giving nothing in return, new players who aren’t patient enough to save speedups a whole month eventually have patience run out and so they decide they must use their speedups if they want to experience more of the towers. Now they have very few speedups left when fortification event finally comes around and find out the hard way they can’t get event prizes… frustration causes them to quit for good. On the other hand, those that do try to wait it out they eventually end up feeling the game progresses too slow and they get bored and quit for good. Most newer players we’ve had join our team tend to not spend until mid 40s. Many never make it their because of the examples I’ve given. All of this can be relieved by keeping the level-up rewards so newcomers can hang in there longer and in return PG potentially has another pay to play customer. Letting them have something generous from the game when leveling also can give newcomers the additional feeling of content for the owner/developers of the game, adding confidence that the company genuinely cares about every single player, newbie or veteran.

There’s another talking point I may write a reply about later that explains why giving these level-up rewards out, especially because of the effect on new players down the road, is in reality something of a necessity that probably needs to be a basic part of the game mechanics soon. Basically it has to do with what can happen down the road if level rewards aren’t implemented that can be threatening for longevity (or lifespan) of the game.

Edit: Dang it ended up long winded anyways. One point at a time I suppose :rofl:


You should look up the Skinner Box. It’s an interesting psychological experiment that might shed some light on a few things.




Now that’s one of the funniest things I’ve read on here.


Actually @PGJared the reason most of us wouod get bored and leave is cause all good stuff is obtainable only with money . Personally i dont spend and I often get capped or stuck , this feature would really change our game


How does one know if they are A or B without dropping 20 days of speedups?