Level up rewards


If you are the inactive third alt of a player that doesnt spend you have it.


I admire the level of transparency in this comment. That being said, this is exactly what we have been asking for… for a long time, transparency


I’ll tell you how this “test” affects my behavior. I’m not giving PG another damn dime after this crap. The selective and significant free rewards to only a few just alienated a spending player.
There’s an adage that applies here. “Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.”


Oh I’m well aware. It’s a fascinating subject.

You level up. If it takes 20 days worth of speedups for you to level up at this point I wouldn’t worry about it.


I try very hard not to complain when I get on the forums, but I have to agree with you. I am less likely to spend when I see new things being released to a select number of players over an extended period of time.

The GF is supposed to be a representation of the actual player base. Would it not work to have them test?

Edit: I understand this level up rewards is new.


Acknowledging the disparity of timers for higher levels to actually move up, also made me laugh a little… 20 days is nothing to sneeze at :joy:


Can you add me to this research pls. I hereby volunteer same ign as here. @PGJared


If employers started playing A/B testing on employees bonuses…


lol you think there aren’t research firms that test the exact thing you’re describing and then publish papers on the best ways to create incentive programs to motivate employees? Have I got news for you. Psychology is wild, y’all.

At the same time though, there’s a huge difference between the job you have to survive in society and a game you choose to play for fun.


Goodluck with that


The problem with your A/B testing is that you have an active player community who communicates across multiple channels and finds out pretty quickly when you’re doing these things. Curious how you’re integrating the ‘I’m pissed that I’m in group A and not group B so I’m quitting/not spending’ into your model?


If the research already exists, why are you recreating the wheel? Academic publications are wild y’all! And easy to get.


Incentive programs to motive employees and A/B testing features in the game are different things. There are definitely similarities, but things that motivate an employee to do their best and things that motive players to progress in a game are different.


How’s your research going on what DEMOTIVATES players? Even MZ didn’t pull this, and that’s saying something.


You know I’m not the one who runs A/B tests, right? I was just explaining the process a bit.

From a PX standpoint, we run sentiment analysis on a ton of things, including events and features and A/B tests. We’re fairly aware of whether or not players generally vocally like or dislike something, and we give recommendations partially based on that.


I’m well aware. But I have your attention, so you get the feedback. I thought you understood that’s how it works, too :blush:


I didn’t know about this until I read this thread. So after spending several speed ups I was able to level up and… :tada:

I don’t think that this can add something useful to this discussion, but I wanted to let you all know that even a noob like me that never spend a cent in the game was selected in this test. Surely I loved it, even being a low prize, but that will not make me spend money in this game because the prices are very expensive here in Brazil (some packs are more expensive than full XBOX/PS games at launch), so I don’t think that it deserves. I’m addicted to this game but I would only buy something if the prices were lower.


The ones running the test should go back to school because their test method is deeply flawed and would fail a 1st year sociology course. This is like setting up a mouse house, of 200 mice, giving 100 of them cheese in front of the other 100 mice, and wanting to see how they react, but instead the other 100 mice get upset because they didn’t get their cheese. You had the obvious reactions, of the mice, 100 satisfied, 100 upset. so either the ones running the test don’t have common sense, they don’t know how to set up a proper closed experiment, or they’re just ignorant to predictable deviant factors.


The mice that didn’t get the cheese wouldn’t have cared if done by (what was probably the intended) design of this test…those mice wouldn’t have forums for the 100 that got it to show the other 100 there’s a placebo (control) group. :wink:


in that experiment there would be a wall(beta test server) to actually have a controlled experiment, thats the point.