Level up rewards


Hey, gimme these rubies rewards and id be 100x more excited about the game. Just my feed back on this topic.

Also quick question, assuming you decide to go ahead and release this feature to everyone, is there any chance that people without the feature would get the rubies for w/e level progress they have made from the time these rewards were first implemented?


what a day, we agree! Yes please Jared!:joy::joy::joy:


By Zeus, that’s me! Time to cash in all these speedups I never spend!


That just assumes that you are constantly levelling outside of fort. If you aren’t levelling right now then there is no negative impact on you at all. If they haven’t rolled it out or taken it away but next week it’ll be a different story, sure, but right now most people will be waiting until then to level up. If you are constantly levelling outside of fort then you must have lots of speeds lol


I just hope they get this rolled out to everyone before fortification gets here. Otherwise I’m going to be really pissed… Just being honest here.

Of all the crap PG has done… this would really- wow. I have no words.


Do you really like anything this game has provided lol ?? You just criticise and ask for changes in every thread :face_with_monocle: Just be a little postive sometime ? Every time just be negative with all those negative comments, Sigh !

Do you know the ratio of how much people got this feature ?? Nahh just come here and start heating up.

You are already always pissed with everything, rather spells of any dragon, changes in atlas or anything else. PG is a huge company coming from any experience i guess, i havent got this feature never got salavge shop but i am not crying.


Lol totally agree with you :joy: someone has really bad habit of crying.


Wow, thanks for the feedback. :sweat_smile: :zipper_mouth_face:
I guess, looking back, you are right. I have been a real freaking ray of sunshine lately. :joy:
I should go back to the old “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.
Time to stay off the forums for a while… :wink:


I wouldnt get my hopes up, is too early for that it would prolly take another month or two for them to even make a decision, but thats just my guess. One thing is for certain, If I level up once and dont have it, I aint leveling anymore until I get it lol.



Well, it wasn’t given only to the people who’ve never complained at them, that’s for sure.

This makes four people in my team who have so far found out–don’t know how many tried to find out in the first place–but 4 out of 50 in just one team, out of several million players is something rather interesting. Wish I was better at math, someone could probably come up with a percentage if they could find out how many players in teams got this little incentive.


That’s really upsetting. Why am I spending money on this game when others get rubies en mass for free


Edit: With additional information now I revoke what I originally commented. Nothing has been modified regarding reward payouts, since rollout, that I’m aware of at this time.


That’s rather short sighted of you to say unless you found a picture of someone leveling to the exact same level previously with more rubies.

Level depends on what bonuses you get, and every 4 or so levels there is a drastic dip in Ruby payouts, so this may very well just be one of those dips.

Either way I think it’s a bit too general to assume things based off a single screenshot.

Edit: oh what do you know, exactly what I thought. :wink:


:thinking: I remember when something called “Salvage Shop” was tested to some and… then… poof :dash::dash::dash:


The levels in multiple of 5’s give less rubies and chests instead. I.e. 155 gives less but 156 will give more again


Someone is grumpy. If you read earlier I’m quite supportive of this. I was on the forum a lot over the weekend and never saw that thread pop up so I had no idea the information had been made public yet. Thanks, though.


I’ll take that deal for 20 days speed ups to find out. I somehow think it might take more than 20 days.


you have unread mail


I’m not saying PG is good at communicating things or even that their testing is good, but basically they want to give everyone more free stuff and have chosen random people to get said free stuff early, and the community wants to be mad about it?

I mean I could see the strategy of refusing to level up until the rewards were sent to everyone. (And yeah they might not be, but that seems pretty unlikely).

But to basically complain about free stuff is just going to disincentives giving away free stuff in the future.

Angry just because you weren’t chosen randomly for early access to the rewards? PG does a lot of things wrong but I wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.


As we were informed, there’s no promise if/when that hand is going to feed you.

The problem with single-blind split testing in games is that your results tend to suffer when your test subjects become aware they’re being tested… And most games have forums where players talk about this kind of thing.

Still wondering if they consider any of their test data valid once the cat’s outta the bag…