Level up rewards


@TeeBro Well, that’s my bad, I jumped maybe to soon to a conclusion based on my experience: no Atlas, upgrade done, no reward --> then it may be Atlas related. But you have to agree it is easy to get to it.
Did you try to upgrade ur level and see if you get something ?


I’ve got Atlas and I do not get rewards when I level up, granted that I leveled up last time during Fortification last week.


I don’t think this feature was there before the last update. So, only if you try to upgrade now and see what happens, could be of interest for this thread.


Welp, guess we’ll just wait until someone with atlas levels up. :slight_smile: I’m sure someone will do that before I do it in 3 weeks :slight_smile:


Pretty sure ginganinja has atlas


:cry: no goodies for me


So not connected to Atlas :thinking:


So is this another 40k ruby pack that theyre “testing” on a few lucky chosen few? Because I’ll take that bullet and be the lab rat.


I’d take it too ! :upside_down_face::joy:


Well this is interesting. I have never heard of being given rewards for levelling up…


Went up 22 Levels recently and even though I got the pop up screen and was also told what level Storage Hut I could now get, I didn’t get a single reward for any of it. (I have atlas)


Wasted some speedups to check, didnt get squat so appearently I dont get to be one of the chosen ones. No golden ticket in my chocolate bar :sob::triumph:


Such a mood. I did that too. :cry:


I was going to say that the rewards were linked to the levels where a building upgrade is unlocked, but lvl 140 unlocks the Builder’s Hut to level 31, so I guess that’s not it…


@Atops It isn’t den upgrade related. I upgraded twice my base. Once for the den, once just to see if it’s maybe another thing that triggers the reward, and both times I got nothing.


Has anyone that has gotten the reward confirmed they actually received the items???

When i see the word Collected it is making me believe this is what the accomplished in their last level.

Just a thought


I’ve been getting these rewards also


Do you actually get the reward or just the screen shown above?



Yes I have been getting all the rewards