Level up rewards


Damn you are one lucky man…

@PGJared ???


I started getting them at lvl 166 and every lvl afterwards


I’m just confused why I’m getting them never seen them before


When did this start, as in what day?


Started about a week ago , and I’m not in atlas , but it’s been about 11 or 12 lvls I’ve went up and each one has a rewards


Just before this event started


Up your levels fast!!! Before they find out! Hahaha


Yeah no sh’t lol that’s what I’m doing, the rubies basically pay for the speed up used so I’m building fast


Dang! We’re all missing out!

@PGJared what’s going on here?


It was listed in the features for one of the releases.

I would think not all levels get rewards. Mostly because PG doesn’t really do anything on a formula, so they likely have a level where you no longer get them or they only show up every 100 levels or something.

Who knows maybe it’s also only enabled for certain people. I have atlas and I do not have these rewards either.

@FLARxOFxBENDEN @GiNgANiNjA316 @Joseph9399 - out of curiosity which leagues are you guys in? I wonder if it maybe is rolled out by league…


Gold two league


This happened a few days ago to a teammate… Lvl 132 / NO atlas


I wonder if we get back paid


is that Chunk in your incubator? :wink:


Yes. It took a while to get him there since Anapa was cooking earlier. I sped him up some towards the end because I didn’t want to do a bunch of extra runs with him to get him breedable.


This was the response I got from support about it

My questions then are

  1. how are we supposed to actually know when we get this new feature without just randomly leveling up and risking out leveling our dragons?
  2. Will we get the rewards that we missed out on that those who have these did recieve? Because I most certainly wouldnt have leveled up as much last fort event if Id known I was going to be missing out on 20k+ rubies right after


I’m not leveling up now until they confirm that all players will have it.


I’ll be leveling but not with timers. Hopefully it’ll be rolled out to everyone before the next build event. :heart_eyes:


Omg I just leveled up 177 no rewards. None ever. :sob:


@PGJared Information, you guys have it so how about sharing it with us? Every time something like this slowly and randomly rolls out without us receiving an explination or an announcement about it things turn into a crap-storm. If someone is going to get them then they’re going to ask questions about it and post images so why not just announce it from the start and not cause all the confusion and players getting mad that they’ve been ripped off by making bad decisions because they didnt have the proper information? When we do get information up front, people are really appreciative that you guys are being honest. If it’s something that is slowly being added then just let us know. PG has said they want to be open and honest with players… so how about some follow through with that?