Level up rewards


Nice to know it wasn’t a mistake and pg would be coming to collect,:astonished:. Hope it will apply to all players fast it would really help our lower levels to grow


Hi All!

We understand the confusion around this, but we are testing the feature to a random sampling of the population. We cannot guarantee when or if this feature will make it into the game for everyone. The nature of these types of tests is to get an unbiased sample of the population and their behavior with any given change, which means that we will not explicitly call out when something like this is running.


So other words you’re seeing if it cuts down spending by players? :rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


You can’t really get someone’s behavior or an unbiased opinion though if you don’t tell them it’s happening can you?


Testing to see who likes new rewards that doesn’t cost them anything extra? :joy:

Let’s also commission a professional and expensive survey to determine if people like things they find to be fun.


What behaviour? You’re giving them a freebie! :joy:


We are not looking for unbiased opinions from players on A/B tests, but rather unbiased behavior via player data as Arelyna mentioned above.


Well, whoever got it make sure to level up fast in case they take it away xd, make the most out of it lmfao


Im all for random data gathering. I hope you guys have some good testing methodology worked out and can do something useful and helpful with what you collect


For what is worth, this rewards seem pretty damn good and I think you will get tons of good feedback from the community.


Give to me , ill give you an unbiased opinion

And coffee


There would be great feedback from the community which is why I’m confused as to why it was even put in the notes for the last update but it’s only a select group. In any case are we going to be updated with info as it all goes on? Don’t think we did ever hear anything else about the better packs some people got access too the last time they did something like this.


Well I can only speculate, but like someone mentioned above, they are probably testing if it has a big positive/negative impact on their sales. Imma make a big assumption here and say that likely most of the people who got them are medium spenders.

Why give features to some players and not all?

I could be wrong, but I think it’s less about seeing if you like more free stuff, and more about seeing how it is spent and how it impacts existing balances and player behaviors, and probably with the intent of scaling a possible full roll out (which likely means measuring how much they scale the rewards down)

Wish I could have been randomly chosen.

And yes the whole keeping it secret thing is majorly defeated by essentially announcing it as part of the release without explanation. It leaves everyone guessing what it might be and comparing notes as you see in this thread.


Hey if you want to test behavior try this on the $100 pack put 100k rubies,$50 pack 50k rubies etc,and I’m willing to bet your sales will soar.


Holy shit I actually got something others didn’t for once

I wouldn’t consider myself a medium spender though, so don’t think that’s right, been on this game 2 1/2 years and don’t think I’ve spent $300 in that time


lucky you.

now shut up and level up while it is still activated on your account. Dont waste this chance because that’s a lot of rubies!!


Yeah it is. Just means that myself personally I’m waiting to level up any of my accounts and cutting spending until we find out if it’s going out to everyone or not.


The level up rewards will be great help in sapphire tier and beyond. Especially if you’re will to use the rubies to speed up missions. :heart_eyes:


I’m now going to spend speedups just to see if I’m one of the lucky few. Thanks HB