Level up rewards


How to get that reward? Just leveling up or another? I have refferal account too


Is that chunk in your incubator :eyes:


My thing is i don’t have any speedups and it takes 11k rubies to lvl up one tower, 3 towers to lvl up so I got my one set of 4K other than that I’m done I think


I laugh because @UnseatedDonkey already asked me this higher up :laughing: and yeah, that was chunk. I hatched him earlier today while I was on my first break at work.


Lol missed it when I was scrolling I was wondering if anyone else saw it :joy::rofl:


I’m trying to focus on the things that make me chuckle (identifying chunk in your incubator), rather than the slap in the face of discovering that people are getting all these free rubies and egg tokens (and i’m not - boo hoo :cry:).



I’m going to have to call bshit on this. Its not some “random feature”, you are literally giving away 4000 rubies per level. That means for someone like me thats levelled 15 levels in the last two weeks thats over 60 000 rubies that I “miss” out on? It isn’t a “lottery” game, and there is no way for a player to achieve this. It means its blatant discrimination, the general IOS terms and conditions for apps is quite clear on this.

There is a test server, use it.

This seems like another prime opportunity to get a refund from apple, why do you keep creating these things? If I was to open a case to apple for a refund, they would gladly refund thousands of dollars of in-app spend due to this. Why do this?


Could be worse. I leveled 37 levels last fortification…


This is just a test for the bean counters to see if it impacts spending. When or if PG rolls it out to everyone it will be 200 rubies or less. I mean why should PG help any of their non whale players. After all this is the same company, that came up with 13000 days of timers for a max base.:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy:


Ooooorrrrrrr, maybe it’s a round about way of weeding out the hackers

Pg has them on their radar now


If I understand things correctly,and the game is client side based hackers will be around for a long time.


Even so, all data is in the server.
Perhaps an additional safety measure can be added…


Sure switch to dedicated servers,and server side based. Beyond that dunno maybe hire a few network coders from a mmo.


Maybe use a server other than cloud


It’s a psychology experiment by PG. They’re monitoring the increase of levelling, to see how many people level outside of a Fort Event, in hopes they are one of the lucky few.

PG will then sell this information to Cambridge Analitica…


This is where the Team Quest rewards were re-allocated to…


Well I sped up a tower and some pretties


My friend gets these prizes for leveling up too , I Do Not.


Story of my life
Booted from the ball
The party’s off the hook
But I’m too off the wall


I believe it was pushed out after the fort