Level up rewards


Interesting to see if this is only available during non-fortification event times or if it continues through?


A lot players in this game feel as if they are getting slapped in the face. I wonder why … is it worse than getting punched in the face? :thinking:


really, waking up today and reading forums; feels more like i woke up and got kicked in the balls. and not softly, that kind where you feel bile rise up you were kicked so hard


Could not resist. Not surprised :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


My alt got lucky, my main did not. :joy:


Is it just for leveling storage, or all buildings? Hmm, should I speed my tower and my storage?

Feel lucky punk?



Player level.




Well, that was worth gaining a level. :smile:


You lucky duck…


how many (edit 2 - too excited) rubies do I need for the new rider (edit) starting with 9,910 sigils, and 26k rubies?

wonder if I can level my way to it?



Tokens for a rider?


no the 4,125 rubies…


That is a metric shit-ton of goodies you guys are randomly giving away, and it’s going to positively impact those players receiving the rewards a LOT while the majority receives nothing.

I second @Gox1201 in calling bullshit.

I also don’t believe you when you say ‘random’.




Given the changes in dragon riders and buffs, why would you even want that rider?

84k sigils. With special chests about 5k rubies to 1k sigils. Really conservative maybe 340k?


only because I don’t (think) I want / need the dragons.

I suppose I can hoard for next season


was so excited, I didn’t know what I was typing (while eating lunch)



i’m not getting them either :frowning: but my mom said i was special…:sob:


3 people on my team suddenly got level up rewards today and their ruby rewards were far less than the screenshots here.

I wonder if the test was expanded?