Level up rewards


maybe you get more the higher your level? I went from 220 to 221 and got 4,125 rubies, 600 tokens and 4 twelve hour timers but that’s less than @LittleHB1 got for going to 203.



Well PG is nothing if not wildly inconsistent…


A other unfair advantage to those who got it! Ow well thats pg for you 🤷


It’s not like I’m going to go level-up crazy just to get rubies. Did you try it? Even if you got rubies would you start leveling outside of a fortification event?

I’m sticking to the plan so my dragons stay strong relative to my base.


i tested it out too going from 220 to 221 and i got nada :cry:


No, but if they started testing this in 4.10 then some people had this advantage during the most recent fortification event.


I didn’t have it during last fort event and I would guess they will disable it during one. I only tried it when I stumbled across this thread.


:game_die: :game_die:


As was stated by support in the screenshot above, they’re slowly rolling this feature out. You may not have had it last weekend, but surely some did since this was included in a version that’s a month old.


Either way, it is a positive change. I hope it’ll be considered a good move after they evaluate the numbers and decide to give it to all. In the mean time, congrats to all that were lucky enough to be selected to participate. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Actually if you read what Arelyna said she stated that they cannot guarantee when or if this feature will make it into the game for everyone.


I think this (War Dragons) is some strange sociological experiment we are unwittingly participating in.


:cry::sob::cry: Ochre is a thorn in my heart…


Yep. Read it. Not relevant to my point.


Kinda relevant because contrary to what you said they never stated they were rolling it out to anyone.


Actually if you look under the version history in the app/play store, 4.10 specifies improvements to the player level-up experience. Additionally, responses from zendesk support are supposed to be representative of PG. So yes, they did in fact say they were rolling this out. What they didn’t say was that it wasn’t rolling out simultaneously to all players, or that the timeline had shifted.

All of this is beside the point to which you were responding, which was that PG is nothing if not wildly inconsistent. Based solely on the reports on this thread by both players and PG staff, the statement stands on its merit. Some players are reaping ridiculous rewards, many are not.

Wildly inconsistent.


Agreed for the most part but you I and everyone else that has been playing the game longer than a couple months knows that zendesk rarely knows what is actually going on and regularly gives wrong information. Also to get back on topic if pg wants to collect accurate data they need to let people know something is different. Most people rarely level outside of fortification events which is going to mess with any data they are supposedly collecting.


Honestly the amount I’m at now is where I think it should stay. Even now it doesn’t pay out close to what it would cost to upgrade the towers to lvl. It would cost me 12k rubies to speed up one upgrade and I need 3 to lvl up. Obviously opening golds a better use of those rubies but it still would take a decent amount of rubies to get enough speedups from chests to lvl as well :woman_shrugging:t3: With what it’s at now if I’m close to lvling I’m at the end of a fort but not close to getting any more prize teirs it might get me to buy a $20 pack to get that lvl and the extra rubies. And that’s what they want from this is it not. I’m not a big spender but I’d be willing to put some money in to get these bonus’s if I’m close.


I got it. Was surprised. I don’t buy anything from the game. Didn’t think they’d give it out to nonspenders.


I strongly agree with GOx1201
You guys have a test server/ test group anyway, why dont you use it there because now its bullshit!! Some get nice free stuff where the rest of us need to pay for it?? I will be applying for a refund, you can ad that to your test data!