Level up rewards


Holy crap, I got it :scream:. Only had 1 day left on a build so thought I’d check after reading this thread


Wouldn’t the behavior of ppl change simply because it isn’t a permanent feature and not everyone has it. Some may decide to lvl as fast as possible for the rewards because it may stop.

Daily log in bonus
Why give features to some players and not all?

From the sound of it, nobody who has been included in this feature was even notified that they had it.

Many players avoid levelling outside fortification events and so plenty of people still won’t know that they have this.


I definitely wasn’t notified. I didn’t have it at fort as I levelled up a bit just after the event and it wasn’t applied then. I only checked after I found this thread because someone said they had gotten a reward on another post and I had no idea why. I usually only level in fort but this will tempt me as I urgently need egg tokens to progress :confounded:


@PGCrisis Please add me to your list of unbiased players who receive this feature. I hereby volunteer and give you my permission. My in game name is the same as here. Much gratitude. @Arelyna


If this new trial feature is unbiased and provides no real additional progress in the game then surely it can be provided to all to give feedback. If people level from 200-230 that’s approx 90k rubies which seems very significant progress to me, thinking of chest contents egg tokes timers etc and not adding the rewards in the above examples.

Not forgetting when the salvage shop was launched with decent exchange rates till the nerf. I’m interested if it’s the same group of players.

How long is this feature staying live for and what are the success factors of this launching game wide.



Hmm, 90,000? Now you’re tempting me.



What ever happened to that mythical salvage shop? Did pg get rid of it because it was a nice feature for players?


I believe they scrapped it because players were exploiting it by trading in useless boosts for ones which were actually worth something. :rofl:


They took all the good exchange rates so that people didn’t want it. Eg rarely offering egg tokens or timers. I believe it have been removed but I’m sure people who have it can confirm.


I thought the salvage shop was killed off due to hacking. :thinking:


I had the salvage shop - I do not know if I have the level bonus. I did not as of last fort event.


“Had”, does that mean it’s gone now?


Yeah they axed it quite a while ago.


Meh, some of the ‘test group’ get good stuff, some not so good…I’m willing to bet that pg will roll it out at the lesser amounts at some point. If it’s feedback you’re after @PGCrisis ill tell you this much…I’d be much more likely to spend on building outside of an event if I got the 4K+ some level 230s are getting than what I got for my 330 :sweat_smile:


Trying to figure why the big difference in awards. Is it just “random” or tied to the number of timers you used to speed, or?



I levelled 3 towers, about 220 12 hour clocks…I’m not sad for that, I need levels for the stupid den cap anyways, and free stuff is always good, I’m not complaining. I just wonder what the mentality is here? They must know we’ll post this stuff and see the descrepencies?


Did you get the same reward each time? I just leveled one Ice turret to go up from 220 to 221 and got the 4k (some odd) rubies.

Tempted to level more but trying to stick to the plan


I never had the salvage shop. You get less rubies on the multiple of 5 levels it seems, I got 1.6k rubies and a couple of gold chest when I hit 195 instead of the 3.9k I had before.

My initial thoughts:

What I did on learning I had this perk- flew up 10 levels because I don’t know if it will be permanent. If I knew it was a permanent change I wouldn’t rush through the levels but would look at these rewards as a nice boost that happens when I do level up. (I imagine I would have still done some levels now from giddyness but then stopped)

Would it reduce my spending? Maybe a little at first but ultimately the bigger I get the more speeds I need to level towers up and 4k rubies won’t provide enough speed ups for it to be a self sufficient process. Especially considering that I need speeds for eggs too sometimes to continue progressing.

There is also the fact that levelling too quickly would soon leave me way too high levelled in comparison to my dragons so I wouldn’t be able to attack anyone easily for rss from my attack list. Packs are an alternative way to get rubies without this levelling issue so they would still be beneficial. Especially during events when I need extra resources, levelling to get them would just be impractical.

Do I want this to continue? Hell yes, the additional egg tokens and rubies are hugely appreciated, and with ever increasing costs in the seasons for dragons, as more tiers are released, this is a nice way to rebalance the perks for us.

Be interested to see what others with the perk think.


Only did that one level so far, the ‘rewards’ weren’t really worth it for me so I’m rethinking my rethink of the plan :sweat_smile: that said, I also need 3 more levels for the den…if I had some info on what the idea is behind the rewards thing I’d be more inclined to do that quick though…