Level up rewards


Every 5 levels you get less rubies and gold chests instead. Resumes as the higher amount after that


Ah thank you :hugs: I appreciate that, but tbh you shouldn’t have had to spend your rss for us to know that. It would have been a simple thing to communicate I think, would have been thrilled to participate


Just another PG created void between the haves and the have nots. They sure do know how to sew discord amongst the player base. Bravo


I don’t see those chosen and unchosen disputing … they seem to agree on much of the same. Also, the unchosen aren’t aiming their resentment at the chosen but at PG. :eyes:


Didn’t realize I got chosen till my tower was finished


i dont see what PG is actually testing with that feature? benefit the ones for building and the others not?

sounds weird in my opinion.

Beta (Atlas) was a test in my opinion.

lvling up and getting rewards isnt a test


Testing how it will affect revenue. :joy:


I dunno … maybe they are checking to see if there are any unexpected effects. You think PG expected a level 1 Ember to be this coveted? :eyes:


Oh, I can answer that:

Haves: “Gee it’s cool I have all this free stuff, I should probably use it in case it’s unintended and they take it away from me.” buys a pack

Have-nots: “NUTS to you, PG!” stops spending


You’re assuming a lot there, that
A. The haves and have-nots even spend at all
B. They even speak english to begin with
C. The player even realizes which side they’re on
D. That they understand the ramifications of these level up rewards
E. I can’t remember it right now, maybe I’ll fill it in later


this seems most likely. i have the rewards at level ups. Gold 2 i believe. not in atlas. and i can say it hasnt slowed down my spending at all unfortunately. haha


It won’t cut down on my spending since I don’t beyond those cursed red envelopes and elite. It hasn’t even caused me to do more than go up one level just to see if I was lucky.

I know I am a rat in a maze and PG is controlling my access to the cheese and even that they keep moving my cheese.

:cheese: :mouse2:


Wow, How did you set your screen up like that?


iOS 11 multitasking on an iPad Pro (10.5” model). Some apps let you pull a narrow window like that on screen even over apps that don’t like sharing screen space. On some apps, you can merge the windows together and have two apps running at once. Some apps (like Line and google hangouts) don’t support the multitasking feature so if you try to pull them on screen while playing War Dragons, you’ll get kicked out of the game. Not all apple devices support multitasking. You’d have to check in the specks for your given device.


This is what redeems IOS 11 for me, otherwise I’d have dumped all apple devices for killing off 32-bit apps


Everyone keeps thinking they want to see how a player like or doesn’t like it, that’s not what they are testing.

It’s more like putting a colored drop of dye into a pool of water and seeing where it flows. Those with this are the water the dye came into contact with initially. They want to see the effect on the large scale system.

I also think they are calibrating the amounts. I’d bet money those getting 4K rubys at less than level 200 won’t stay that high.


Its really random though. On lvl 151+ u get only like 2.2k rubies, but maybe like 3k…
Still decent (Who complains about getting such free stuff right?), but pg is pg, they will nerf or even cancel that before next forti


I’m HOPING (although definitely not expecting) that they are testing this under the premise that they intend to roll it out unless it adversely affects revenue.

I am 99.99% sure they (PG) subscribe to the belief that the more they ‘give’ the players, the less players will spend. I fall on the other end of the spectrum - I believe that the MORE generous they are with the players, the MORE the majority will spend.


Exactly. It seems a lot more likely that people will open their wallets if they feel like they get a good return on their investment. Stinginess would make people go “why bother?”


Ah, very true. I’d spend more if I got more in return, but my wallet is already dying so… :upside_down_face: