Level your Dragon Team Quest

I know that team quests has just been fixed and that we’re all thankful we get to keep our hammers but this just makes me angry…

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Wow that is pretty awful. Might as well just take out a lower tier dragon, do an xp run, level it, and that should complete the quest.


Yeah that’s what I’m gonna do. But they need to fix this because in the long run we will run out of lower dragons to level and we all would have an early training event :joy:

@PGCoffee that is one DUMB quest particularly as some players have their dragons to expert.


These still suck my rewards are 15 minute timers for the 30/90 quests (10 timers/30 timers rewards). Pass. But yeah your quest is beyond dumb.

IMO, team quest should be a mission which can be repeated over and over without changing irreversible parameter such as exp.
Looking at this mission makes me wonder if spending hammers for mission is good (though as a quest, it’s not a good mission since hammers are too precious to be spent only on quest mission).
@Arelyna ?

Not the worst.

I’m guessing said people also have every single dragon bred? Getting that quest during a breeding event isn’t so bad :sweat_smile:


At least for maxed out peeps they have 180 tokens to breed their next harbinger dragon :joy:

I’m glad I didn’t get it…

That happened to me too :sob: I impulsively leveled a bit to get to ninety… I have no patience :grimacing:

D’oh! I remember breeding Mune early then having to reach lvl 90 before I could even hatch him :woman_facepalming:

I must do it before reaching 90, or else I’ll be too late for Icicle 4 path.
I used Red’s Whale Chtho path with a slight modification (breeding Vulcan using Cryzan / Kulan) to ensure earlier extra platinum eggs.

offtopic post…

Had one yesterday, had to lvl up 15 times

I’d say phoo on that

I got one where I had to level up 15 times

It seems to scale with level (the correct way). My 53 mini had to do 5 levels, my 85 only needed to do 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if above a certain level it doesn’t come up at all anymore.

At least I still had a bunch of purple and blue dragons waiting for feeding, not too bad to throw a few levels on those.

I’m lvl 70. Were both quests giving 30 tokens? I’m pretty sure they don’t scale with level

Hmm, I thought they were both 10 token ones, but I may have been mistaken.

isnt the minimum level to get castle upgrade for platinum is level 90?

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