Leveling a long kill island

Hi all,

I will preface this with an apology if this has already been discussed, I didn’t quite find what I was trying to research. Granted, I did a series of keyword searches instead of scouring, but I tried at least before posting.

With that said, my question is about the thought processing of leveling your defensive towers on a long kill island. I suspect this is an age old debate, I know we keep bantering it around Team Chat, so I will lay out the two sides of that coin below:

  1. The Kill Island Wall:
    Is it better to level the front 5 and maintain as close to your level cap?

  2. Even tower levels over the island:
    Is it best to have all towers the same level despite creating an increase rift from the player level cap?

I was trained very early on the concept of build up and not out. Max your kill island and if you can’t level, then work on your support towers.

However about 150 levels back, I made the decision to migrate to a long kill island. Back then it was more a trend, I have since learned that I should have waited until about my current level (459) to make the transition. Since then I have struggled with keeping my front 5 towers capped to my level. I also made the switch from ice/fire turrets to 3 x lightning plus incorporating a Crystal Howitzer. This has certainly made some setups as I had to transform/merge a series of towers to get to my current configuration. I have also made the mental transition to trying to bring my back end of my base to the same level as my front 5 towers.

Now that I have my back half of my base with at least marginal stopping power, I want to get a perspective of the community on the best strategy with maintaining that long kill island.

I am a fan of the stop them hard with your top 5 towers. However, it is proving difficult as the back half of my base is totally neglected as I can’t get the front half ever to hit my level cap.

Now the debate within the team is that it is better to have a long even base which can slow them down and give the towers more time to take out the dragon. I don’t disagree with that theory at all. However as I gain levels the opponents get stronger dragons however my base effective defense is not keeping up. It is stronger, but maybe not effective enough to take them.

I have adopted the above theory and have been bringing back end up to make it even. I feel that even level players with strong seasonal Mythic dragons are getting through, not so much lineage or some legendary seasonal. So although my team mates are not wrong, I don’t know if this is the right solution.

So there is my long winded request to ask the community on their thoughts. I will post my base below for review. I do have the next 3 (more like 4 but it is a bit embarrassing) forts planned. Currently my base is showing as level 86 for the front 5 towers and level 71 for the back 5 towers (exception, Howitzer is level 84 due to merging a tower). I plan on moving the front 5 to level 90 and the back half up to level 81. So any suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you

Hey styg,

I would say focus on front until capped/ close to capped then move to back. you should have some level 90+ towers at this level so that it balances out with the dragon tiers that would attack you.
But also you need at least one mage in the back (which some said it boosts up lightenings if i remember correctly). That entire back island is killable with any DG like-spell once your one red mage is killed. Maybe swap a red mage with one of your lightenings.

just my opinion though :see_no_evil:

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Just because you migrate to a long island does not mean you now gotta focus on 10 towers instead of 5.

You should’ve focus on maxing the first 5 for your level and only when they are maxed, move on to the next… if you do this right eventually you will have 7/8 towers maxed for your level.

Here is a very close level base that shows where you could be at.

I am a lvl 400 with my dmg towers on the Long mid part, I do have 7 maxed towers for what I am able to for my lvl. (Towers are lvl 75)
Earth flak, dark, and fire flak red en blue mage maxed, behind that a maxed electric tower and max storm. Howitzer, ice flak and 2nd electric I need to work on.
Ign is same as the forum name, send me ingame a message to take a look.

A fort back, I was at lv 457 with 5 94 towers, 3 93, 1 92 and 1 40+ towers (cannot remember exactly but its close) and it was still not optimal.

So at your current lv 459 with max 86 towers, something is not quite right. Some possibilities are you have a stash of decent lv towers stored and/or your breeding progression lack behind your lv (lack of hut eggs).

So work on it if these are your problems. There is nothing wrong with the concept of maxing your front 5 then moving down to the rest on a long kill.


Uneven tower levelling > having an island of lower level but equal sized towers. Always focus on your most important towers first lol. Having 10 towers just means you have 10 towers to pick from now.

Also, yes, figure out why you’re behind, as @Matr1x says.

I feel something is wrong as well. I have no stashed towers. Everything I have has been reused in propping up other towers. Some thoughts are the following:

  1. High level perch - these rack up a lot of XP the higher you
  2. I’ve reconfigured my base on at least two occasions. Most notably was transforming an ice/fire turrets into an earth . Prior to that when they release ice and fire flaks I rethought my base around as well. Plus I boosted my Howitzer with a lone level 76 storm that was a left over from all these changes.

We know there is a cost when transforming/merging towers but maybe its higher than I had perceived.

The towers transformation/merge change gave players who overlevel a chance to rectify/redeem their bases. It is something positive.

You have actually pointed out the reason behind the low tower levels. If you have kept your lv 76 perch around lv 30s, you could have added another 40 (estimated) lvs to the existing towers and that would bring the towers to near optimal lvs. The towers will have much more damage output than the lone perch.

On a side note, I noticed that you have 11 towers instead of 10. There is another lv 70 red mage hidden among the farms. Not building this could possibly add another 40lvs to your 10.

On whether to lv the 10 towers evenly or maxing the possible possible, you can always draw from your past experiences. When you fly your dragons, which type of base is easier to beat? I think you already have the answer.

Keep maxing your core and continue to lv up (provided hut eggs are not a limiting factor). Should be able to catch up near 500, I hope. Good luck in your ventures.

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Thank you for validating what was on my mind with the level cap.

Speaking of the level 70 red mage, I have been neglecting since it was capped at level 70. I’m not sure how to protect those farms, there are a lot of good alternatives, I just haven’t decided if any of them are better than momentarily slowing down an AOE red spell. I think with the configuration of my base, if they get past the kill island whether it’s on the short island or tucked under the den island, it will be most assuredly destroyed. So I’ve put it far in the back really to avoid the early quit and since my farms are worth more than 30%, they have to go as far as possible for a victory.

Might as well move your farms to the small island behind the long kill island.

Warrior dragon can heckle with an extra shield.

Having farms so far past your kill island gives dragons a long time to rebuild their rage.

I have seen many rage starved dragons not able to drop all of the farms right after a long kill island and sometimes that by itself changes the outcome of a war defence.

I think you are on the right tracking keeping your front 5 + Howi maxed. Rest of your towers can be leveled up as available.

I think 5 max front towers with some weaker back towers is still superior to a small 5 slot kill island and then a weak back 10 where the dragon has an opportunity to regen some rage and or heal.

Dragons like Asura with his low cost white 3 tower crowd control button has effectively made 5 tower kill islands obsolete.

For the longest time I focused on the front 5 towers too, but lately I feel like there are more and more dragons that can safely and easily disable the first towers, thus taking away most of your def power. Now Im equalizing all 10 towers as much as I can, I still keep the 3 front flaks maxed, red and blue mage can be a few levels behind (I feel like using them as HP meat shields isnt as important anymore as back then) and I keep the high dmg towers from the back half high too. In my case thats another ice flak on slot 6 and a howi.

In my opinion if you have maxed rider def gear it might be better to have somewhat equal tower levels that the dragons get some dmg after disabling the first 5.

I have been told people let their farms at end of the base because of Atlas.
When you get attacked you want your attacker to waste as much time as possible to finish your base so you have more time to finish your own target.
Moving farms to short island gives them 99% way faster and they can swap out and get full glory or wipe you before you finished your own attack.
Having farms on the first island is best if you don’t want to get counter sniped easy.

For war it’s better with farms like you said.


Exactly, you’re awarded 5 flames at 99% and to avoid people quitting at the end of the short island and improving their chances at killing my troops.

I used to have a high level tower at the back but that was diluting my defense power. So I merged that into my Howitzer (which is why it’s at level 84) however left a vacuum at the back. I have moved them to the back to force them to stay on the base longer.

For wars, I would move them to the short island.

I’m sorry, I missed this comment. I had Stormheim with Crom and a full level 10 elite set on him. However, this recent fort, I leveled my perch to level 76 so that I can perch Archon who is also expert. I have moved Crom over however I have a mixed set of defensive earth gear. I do have 4 Mythic items all at level 4 at the moment. The rest is Legendary with 2 at level 10 and the other two are 7 and 8. I have crafted elite gear to replace them but they are at level 1 at the moment.

I do wait for the Atlas gear events to level them which it will be a priority on getting those Mythic up to level 10. I have plenty of shards but likely not enough to get them to 10 this next event. I will see if I can get the missing Mythic gear this upcoming short event, though highly unlikely as I don’t buy packs and only intermiitently subscription to Atlas Elite. So I may level those elites once I have the mythic items maxed out.

I agree this is priority but I do try to maximize reward payouts so that tends to slow the leveling to a degree.

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Dont level anything, stay exactly where you are!!! mwwwaaahhahaha

I don’t think your getting the full lightning bonus. Maybe swap one where you ice flak is?

I Keep front 5 maxed but sometimes skip over some Towers a level to keep 1-2 Lighting or Howitzer maxes. The goal should be all maxed
But prioritize your most important towers. I like keeping lighting in back maxed because they drop a lot of dragons.

Also no I don’t think a mage in the back boosts your lightning, have never heard of that.
But I do keep a red mage in back With lightning Howitzer.

And no I would definitely not move farms
Up. Doesn’t really matter if dragon gains rage you just don’t want them to be able to quit much earlier for 99%

this comment i ll make may get a lot of bad reactions but lvl up ur lower lvl towers…why??because they r less speed ups with same amount of xp and if u think u r overleveled try to merge all mages to 1 tower and merge again to howitzer or flaks(preferably howitzer since it requires more xp to merge with lower tier towers) but that brings another question what do u want with ur base??if u think ur towers ll never be strong enough then dont merge just lvl up till max den then merge towers so that u stop at 490 for a while but overall if u wanna get max points from fort dont focus on kill towers and lvl up red mage blue mage storm lightning towers since wood-based towers gives more points till L97 towers…at least thats what ill do.

Ah, this is interesting. I thought that as long as there were 3 (or more) lightning on the same island they boosted each other. If you say that placement in the situation of 3 towers makes a difference, I’d like to see if there’s any data behind it. Moving it costs nothing, so I will test it out myself.

On another note, I have reconfigured my base and swapped the ice flak with my fire flak. So your suggestion probably may not be a good alternative as I don’t believe the fire flak range is optimal at the very back on my long kill island. Maybe moving the Crystal Howitzer, up to that spot as I know I struggle with some dragons with it there, but I also find it vulnerable as you can get a 3 for 1 with a well placed ground target spell. Faf’nyr for instance can easily take it out even if I rarely survive a well build long island kill island, however the kill island is sufficiently neutralize that a second dragon can easily mop up the mess afterwards.

It’s a good suggestion if my goal was to get the most event points.

My goal is to build the best base possible, though I will do it in a way that maximizes my event points. So I will sacrifice points for sure so that I have the strongest base.

This current fort, I had a plan to get to 16M points and getting my front 5 towers + howitzer to level 94 . Unfortunately I miscalculated the number of timers I could earn from playing the discount paths (I should have done the Howitzer path entirely but opted to get the discount path this event). So I had to redo it so that I will end up with 11M event points and my front 5 + howitzer are limited to level 92. I’m still short by about 200 clock days, but I will run missions, rider missions, and open chests, to cover the gap,

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For anyone interested, here is the progress of my base which I’ve used a lot of the suggestions posted in my thread, so I appreciated everyone who took the time to read and respond.