Leveling Big Dragons at Low Level

Howdy folks. I started following Reds Best Breeding path a few weeks ago. I’ve run into a small issue. I’m trying to get Ettin breedable, but at my level, max XP is capped at 3.9k. I know grinding is the solution, but I don’t have the healing potions to do much. Are there any other tips for leveling bigger dragons at lower levels?

Are the 100% XP boosts with it? I like to spend my rubies on gold chests. :grin:

Not really. Certainly not worth spending rubies on directly.

Best means is to utilze the daily XP bonus and get full XP on the dragon, meaning us only that one dragon. Get someone to follow you and the multiplier works on the bonus XP for having someone join you.

That 100% XP boost is only to the base XP only

Ok thanks.

If you can afford the time, after your multipliers are done, join other people doing Xp runs and ask to kill the base. You can get 75% of XP but you are guaranteed a 30 minute heal time instead of upwards of 4 hours if you kill your dragon during XP runs.

Again it’s dependant on your dragons, XP bases you use and player level and time available, but shorter heal time means more runs overall


And that is good advice.

Even if you are following someone much higher level and they do not clear it in one dragon, swap out on yours. No one expects a lvl 70 to clear a level 150 base for them.


All that’s said above is :+1: ! I’d also like to say that this tool has been helpful for me. You can calculate how many runs you’ll need to level a dragon, how much XP to breedable/expert, and some other fun stuff. Just in case ya want to check it out. Also, save your rubies for gold chests IMO. Lots more valuable goodies in those.


Thanks for the tips guys. And thanks for the spreadsheet! It says I have 11 days to go just using multipliers. That’s a much more palatable goal.

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No, because if you like using rubies on gold chests during breeding/feeding, you’ll end up with extra 100% boosts. You can also buy 200% boosts from the spell equip section on a dragon. I just used those during times when it’d take 50+ extra runs unboosted :see_no_evil:. It’s still a better idea to use rubies on gold chests, but I was doing multiple breeds in an event and didn’t want to grind that much.

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Ok thanks. I was wondering how to get the 200% boosts. I had seen people mention them but couldn’t find them I’m the forge.

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Getting Ettin breedable for Red’s best path during a single breeding week is usually unfeasible for low-level E2P/F2Ps; this is a pretty common bottleneck. Perhaps it’s time to turn to a more lawful good path . . .

(It’s mostly a joke path, but the workaround it proposes is legit and works. Ith+Ankor gives you Nassus for 8.2K, same as if you got Ettin breedable, and getting Ith to 8 is a lot more feasible than getting Ettin to 12. If you aren’t concerned specifically about getting Ettin breedable during the current event, though, just follow the other fine suggestions in this thread. :+1:)


Try to add as add on spell.

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