Leveling Defensive Rider Question

So Ibhave done extensive googling of the topic and found no answer, so apologize if I am asking a redundant question.

I want to know how to get xp for the atlas purchased Defense Rider. Do I have to bond he Rider to a dragon and do atlas attacks with it? If so, that seems like a crummy mechanism for leveling up a rider designed to site on towers.

I will add that I have not hired the rider yet, want to learn about it before I invest in it.


An Atlas rider on a perch should gain glory from your primarch getting attacked, though there’ve been reports about them no longer receiving glory lately. Otherwise, the other option is to bond it to a dragon that you’re attacking someone else with, as you wrote.

Yup both ways are certainly viable.

If i’m going out attacking and hunting for glory, i actively attach him to my lead attacking dragon.
If it’s a kingpin event, i attach him to my gold farming dragon and farm the crap out of the kingpins for gold and glory
If it’s any other time, i have him positioned out on my base for defense glory points if i’m ever needed quickly in Atlas, and i use my rusher for defense.

As long as he is involved in the atlas battle (on an attacking dragon for attacks, on your perch for defenses) he will gain glory. Which one is better is up to your base vs opponents

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I can confirm this is broken. As far as I know for everyone. I put In a support ticket and only got a link to known issues. I’m owed a ton of defensive glory.

I have had sync errors cause a loss in xp both on the perch and when not on the perch when trying to level

Yep, for a while support was crediting me, but they’ve gone silent other than the “known issue” canned response.

I’m missing 9.8k on my defense rider too.

Yeah. It’s not listed on the know issues either.

And for me it’s not even a sync error. I’ve killed well over 100k troops on my taunter getting many 10’s of thousands of glory on my primarch, but not even 1 glory point has shown up on my rider.

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