Leveling Dilemma / egg tokens/ behind on Dragons

Ive stayed in platinum for 9 months , back then there was no option to “grind -egg tokens” cuz no ember and 100% token boost is overlooked(maybe its just me) , now how I see some lower level players 20-30 levels behind me have garnets, and early lvl 200’s with emerald tier dragons which really saddens me. Im lvl 193 btw. And checking their bases I see they havr decent level of towers like that I mentioned lvl 208 with lvl 49 towers(vs me im capped at lvl 45 towers and not even close to havig extra garnet eggs for builder hut, and im saying this to tell that the 200’s didnt do their lvls with a bad base). I mentioned about me being in platinum because i should have garnet now and breeding 2nd garnet without even grinding tokens if I was in a sapphire 2 team up for that whole time. ive been playing for 1 year and 4 months

And if you see the analogy , its should be normal that I would be at this level with my current dragons because I never missed or got below 75%-70% of achievement rewards in events. So ull really get alot of rubies and golden chests which results alot of timers! I did not even have atlas till 1 month ago.

I know the decision is up to me, but if youu were in my place , would you hold off your lvl and sacrifice fortification event? (Yes im close to cappingmy storage hut and all other non-combatant buildings so there will ne nothing to lvl up soon to participate in fortification to hold off my lvl). Also imo I dont see why hold my levl , i can kill my invader base pretty easy still(which is a concern if u have atlas and way over ur lvl vs ur dragons)

And right now, Ofcourse Im grinding my egg tokens up.

So again, if ur in my place , would you hold your level just to get off of the “youre behind with your dragons”?


I’m in your place lvl 210 have some garnets and sapphire but no where near close to Garnet breeding hut tokens. Even have a stupidly long base because I learned late that short is better.

So what I am currently doing is not leveling my base alot, enough to get some points in event. I tend to focus now on storage since I am behind alot or build some totem. Both don’t give much xp. Maybe do some towers. Will only gain Max 4 levels in fort not more. I use my chests mostly in breed and use in PvP enough to get 450 sigil price. So my focus lays on breed and I am slowly gaining the dragons I need this way. Hoping on emerald this event, need a & a first so big hope here.

So I short I do everything moderately and go full out on breed.

Hope it helps. But this is just how I do it.


Sacrifice fort performance. Get your storage maxed, and grind those tokens. If you plan on playing for a long while, think long term even though you will suffer some in the short term.


In your place I would focus on the dragons.

You will have to do it some time or another, so why not now with this breeding event?

Check your breeding guide and try to catch up all you can with your dragons.

In fortification event focus on rising your lower tower and main island.

Bur that’s me in your situation.

I don’t know if you rather prefer to get it done as soon as possible or more smoothly to keep the fun at the same time you’re adjusting you situation.

EDIT: like Arminda1996 said.

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I skip fortification events to stay ahead with breeding. I’ve been behind on dragons before and it wasn’t fun. Your base suffers as well unfortunately so think of the bigger picture. Doing well in an event that lasts a week vs having a bad base for your level.

If I break my momentum of not doing good in 1 event “fortification” it will ruin my performance in next coming events. U see how much rubies and golds do i Get every forti? 10k up?

Same answer as above

So you may want to adjust your situation more smoothly.

Take your time to focus on your dragons without sacrificing your momentum but adjusting your way of getting those points, an maybe aiming for al little less performance, maybe getting your points from low xp buildings or rare materials (black pearls, shards end such).

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It’s relatively easy to hit the 450 prize in fort without leveling too much, stowrage builds, den builds and totems if you have a decent amount of embers all are high points low base xp.


It’s too late but I would have (and mostly did) skip(ped) the last fort of the previous season that just finished.

Good advice, maybe i dont need to overthink and do things smoothly. I also have a life lol, i dont spend much hours inside game anymore not unless wars.

Look at it like this: You over-leveled (as you admit) - so you earned a bunch of extras in fort events in the past that you really shouldn’t have… You can either perpetuate the cycle and let your dragons fall further behind you base level, or you can suffer a little (as many have/do during fort events to prevent this very issues).

I never said it wouldn’t suck - but at least you did get the prizes from overperforming in past fortification events.

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O i just double checked, i dont need garnets to keep lvling my storage i forgot, i just need lvls,So yeah i should always have enuf to get that 450 sigil achievement in fort. :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3:. For now i have 7 upgrades left for my storage to hold my lvl.

:persevere: I shudder over how many timers will be sacrificed for this

I had so much that i even use atleast 3 months worth of timers on speeding hatching eggs, and this feeding i even speed ip my storage outside fort wit 30+ days, will also speeding up hatching garnet . :man_facepalming:t3:. But yeah , I figured I can still lvl up my storage up to 7 lvls cuz i forgot storage hut is not builder hut dependent. So Will have a success holding my lvl and still achieve the 750k achievement.

For lvling storage 7 times? About 8 and half months worth , I have 8 months worth of timers now with 2 more events left so I should be good.

I hate the notion of sitting out events for perceived balance. Demanding someone remain stagnant for months at a time in a game is just ridiculous. That said, lutrus is right there are ways to get points without growing.

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That’s why I do it. But focus on things that don’t give xp or very little.

If you haven’t already, max out your perches. These give zero xp. :rose:

As for outbuilding your dragons, are you lacking tokens or xp for your dragons?

This is false, I gained 6 levels this past fort upgrading my perch