Leveling dragons on perch

Recently I have noticed that when I try to level up my dragons with the daily Xp increase on the perch, the Xp doesn’t stick. It has been trying to level up my dragon every day with the Xp but when I go to do it the next day, the previous days Xp is no longer there and I end up with a dragon that doesn’t level up. I have tried to switch dragons, but again, the dragons Xp doesn’t stick and it gets me no where in making my dragon stronger. Anyone else having this problem?

It’s a visual glitch. It looks like the xp bar is full but it didn’t change to orange and the train button didn’t appear, right? The xp has a hard time scaling for the last little bit of the dragon level. It shows movement to show it’s getting xp but that makes it look full when it isn’t.

If the dragon has enough xp to level up then it will have a green “Train” button under it.


What flashing said. If you check the xp numbers before and after you should see the numbers are correct, but somebody did some bad math on the progress bar. It will look like it’s fully leveled several days in a row before it actually lets you train it.

Seems like a bug. Thanks for reporting! (62622)

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