Leveling issues


Hi hows it going…i just have a question…why under some of my dragons…it sayd upgrade dragons den lvl 2 to upgrade…and then it says upgrade to lvl 18…


Ignore it. It’s a bug. Just follow the upgrade den to lv1 8


I have a question, I think is in the same vein…why am I not able to upgrade my old Divine Dragons, i.e, I have aster, abraxxas, and sage but was not able to get their green evolution stones, they’re all ready to evolve, but I can’t even buy their stones! Is that just part of the game?


Yes It’s part of the game. Seasonal Divines are intended to get for that specific season only. So you need to plan accordingly for what dragon to get. You can ask @TheRedDelilah if you need help planning for advise for that dragon to get in the season
An active to very-active player should be able to get ONE free at least then save the rest to get whatever left in other branches


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