Leveling prizes in Atlas events

Hi y’all,

During this last troop training event in Atlas we had multiple players on our team max out on prizes. We are presently a P2 team. One can only presume that teams from Sapphire and Diamond leagues are also maxing out. I should very much love to see the prize levels expand to accommodate this amount of hard work that it takes to get that much. So if those who are reading this agree please comment below. If y’all have suggestions on what the prizes should be please include that. If you don’t agree please just say that, however, No rudeness or negativity please. This is as legitimate issue and we are attempting to keep things positive and productive. Thank you.


I agree the prizes should be increased like they are in the main area of game because it’s to easy to max out the points and what is the point in continuing because you get no more rewards?

Troop training and Gear Leveling need more prize tiers!

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Agree that most events could do with extra prizes tacked onto extra prizes at the end.

But being on a higher league team doesn’t actually preclude better performance. You just have some really active team members. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, especially on gear events. It’s so easy to max that event out with only a couple of upgrades.

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