Leveling Requirements

I have searched and really haven’t found what I am looking for. I am looking for what the requirements are for the various levels, example breeding 2 legendary unicorns before being able to level further. Trying to get ahead of the game if possible. And waiting for a feeding event if it ever happens to level my divines.

Check the dragon finder tab in the spreadsheet here or check amoeba’s site, linked in the intro tab. I’m on mobile atm. Also, legendaries are breedable at l12.

Oh, re-reading, this is for divines. Other than a blog post for necryx, it isn’t readily available so far. It just requires hatching dragons of certain tiers, not leveling them. I’ve thinking about adding it, though. If you’re at/near level with a breeding plan, it’s pretty much never an issue. If you’ve overleveled your base relative to dragons, it’ll be an issue.


Sooo let me get this straight! Your looking for 2 beautiful legendary unicorns to breed together? :thinking: That would be something special! :grin: I don’t think you are going to have any luck with that because unicorns actually disappear when breeding and only return when they are finsihed creating more magical unicorns :unicorn:

You my friend might have better luck breeding 2 legendary Antelopes?

As far as level requirements AmoebaStudios.com

I have looked there. I just didn’t see the information I was looking for. I don’t need the xp required to level but the “other” things you are required to do along the way.

Amoeba has everything as far as requirements for breeding specific dragons

It has the Den Requirment, level required, Incubator, etc…

Keep looking it is there :+1:

Check the link in my post for necryx and scroll to the bottom of the page. It’ll work as a general guideline for other seasonal divine dragons.

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