Leveling the playing field a bit

I had a thought and wanted to see what others think. What if we had an event where smaller players where able to grow faster to catch up to there teammates? (while leveling out the playing field a bit) It would allow smaller player to be more helpful and proactive in game while they grow… if we did this say (2-3x)for fort and breeding for the players say under the 250-300 level, we could potentially close the massive gaps that have come from the popularity and years of development of the game…

:thinking: PG has already provided something of a discount for tower levels and the cost of breeding dragons at certain tiers of the game. You’re asking for more on top of that?


They have this event every week! All they have to do is put their CC info into the app store or Google play and buy 10 $100 packs a week, they will be caught up in no time and reap the rewards of 1000s of gold chests…


Do you not see this as beneficial for your team and the game as a whole?

:sweat_smile: I’m in D2 so we don’t have players in the level range you mention. And I’m not entirely sure what your post was asking for?

Breeding costs and tower costs for some of the most expensive tiers of the game that are now far from end game content have been reduced. If players want to catch up faster than they can as either an F2P or E2P player, well, I don’t see PG reducing costs further anytime soon. Getting closer to what is currently end game content faster than they already are would require money.

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I’ve actually got the opposite impression, and that’s as one of those players who’s been working hard to try to catch up to the top.

In my eyes, the problem at hand is not “Newer players have trouble catching up to the top,” so much as it is “Newer players are pitted against players who are at the top (be it in Atlas, or in sandbagging leagues).”

And so at least to me, this event is aiming at the wrong target. It’s okay for people to have lower-tier dragons or towers…as long as they’re not forced into situations where they’re pitted against people with unbeatably higher tiers of dragons or towers.


Yes! This is the crux of the problem. When I started playing 3 years ago, I was in a league that was appropriate for my level. There may have been a couple of players that were too big for the league but the problem of huge players in lower leagues didn’t seem to be nearly as prevalent back then as it is today. And on top of that the difference in potential player levels was much reduced.


The players that visit my castles uninvited are around level 413 - 606. I’m 363.
I can trap and take the troop loss. Fun.

That’s about what I can do… it sucks :unamused:

In the main game, I’m in Plat IV. It’s not uncommon to have a week where there are teams in the league who have a 200 as their highest-level player…and to have teams who have multiple players in the 500-600 range.

In Atlas, it’s pretty similar. I literally cannot count the number of times where I’ve watched a level 400+ hit someone under 200, even in No Man’s Land, even for 2% glory, or no glory at all.

In both these cases, the issue is less “Everybody isn’t level 600” and more “Why the hell are level 600s screwing over the game for lower-level players?” And so the solution is not “Make everybody level 600,” but rather “Set up the game in such a way that newer players don’t have to be level 600 to enjoy the game.”


That person hitting 200 levels below them in atlas has to be an absolute moron. I’m 400+ and no matter what I am looking for people who give at a minimum 85% glory in nml. Saying that, I believe that the glory bands definitely need to be tightened WAY more. There is no reason that a 330 should be 90% glory for me. I haven’t found a single person that level that can stop my empyreans.

As far as the OP’s suggestion, what if there was an enfeeble type mechanic for wildlife attacks or something. Definitely haven’t thought it out completely so don’t know how bad that could be ( feel free to call me a dumb a$$) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


…to be fair, lots of people are absolute morons.

Though I suspect some of it is linked with the fact that players can be high-level and still have crappy dragons, forcing them to either get a backer or hit way down. Which also explains a decent percentage of the high-levels in lower leagues, who prefer lording it over the new players rather than being cannon fodder to the experienced ones.


I’m not sure that would explain why there are higher level people in lower leagues. I’m level 430 on a platinum 3 team (for the time being) and have seen 12b + bases in low to mid platinum. I’m down here right now bc of things outside of my control (team wanting to disband). However, I’ve seen former LD and dread players down in platinum. I can only assume that they are here to reduce the amount of stress in their lives that d2/d1 can cause. They aren’t looking for the satisfaction of being the big kid on the block, they literally just want to play a video game and actually enjoy it without the stress of minimums and such. I know, TLDR :rofl::rofl:


Perhaps we have gotten off topic a ways though. Maybe starting a thread asking why high level players are in lower leagues rather than trying to find ways of keeping them from going there would be a good idea :man_shrugging:

I am a 299 level. Problems I have seen, but do not presume to have answers to, are the wide discrepancies between xp values on egg token lists and levels of players not reflective of base defense power or attack power of stable of dragons. Thanks to helpful friends teaching me, I now look at defense power and level of towers when choosing a base to attack and when working on my base I determine success by the level of dragons that cannot pass an island, ie emerald, obsidian, etc. I have learned to judge a dragons attack strength by Damage Per Second rather than any other number PG provides. Since human nature is what it is and many people do not bring their best moral selves into the masked world of electronic interactions, I continue with this game hoping these issues will be dealt with in some manner.

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