Leveling time Ex: Kelvin

Hi there!

Does any of you have a rough idea of the time, xp boosts, number of runs for max xp gain, it takes to level to breeding state (lvl 12) of say… Kelvin?

Much appreciated!


You mean something like this?


whats ur max exp per run?

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18.1K buddy.

did you look at the link that @Lutrus gave you?

You have to create a copy of the google doc so you can actually use it. Then go to the tab for xp and pick kelvin.

You’ll see he needs 9,795,999 xp to get breedable. If you plug in all the variables like research, etc… it does all the calcs you seek.

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Thx I did actually!
Praise the saint that worked that calculation sheet. I hate those things.


There are a LOT of hardworking Folks around that have been nice enough to make our lives so easy.


That would be St. @forscience :rofl:


Sainted! About time!

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:thinking: Does that mean that I get egg token tributes?

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