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It seems unfair that a level 126 can fight a level 51. But you see that all the time. I believe it would only be fair that levels 10 apart (or 15) should be able to battle each other. Also, it takes way too many eggs to get a dragon once you reach orange eggs. Then there is the chests… how can one gain in the season if you only get 25 sigils far and in between. And having to reach season offered dragons should not take 530 sigils x50 to reach a dragon or emeralds. Example: it takes over 40 positions with needing at least 530 sigils each time to gain ground. Make the playing field even!


level 10s already fight their range when they search for enemies in the attack roster.

yes a lvl 126 can attack a lvl 51, but what do they get? definitely no resources. are you talking about your ego as a 51 that is too fragile to take such a hit?


For your first point - there is a code to protect a significntly lower level from higher levels. This gives them minimal resources. You also have to be a certain level to qualify for their egg token missions to count. This is enough code to protect you. My level 158 alt attacks significantly higher anyway. Just grow and hit them back.

The season prizes I think are honestly staggered appropriately. As a level 51, there is absolutely no reason that a free player should get emerald stones. It’s unnecessary. For lower levels, I highly recommend that you get the stone two-three tiers past where you are.

Equality and equity are not the same thing here. Equality is everyone should get the same thing. Equity is everyone gets what they need. My level 158 alt needs to get the obsidian stone since it’s in garnet tier - a Platinum stone won’t do anything. A level 51 getting the Platinum stone will ensure that divine can level up a few more times are their powerful dragon.

The seasons are balanced. Work harder, pay more, or spend more time in the game if you want nicer things.


If the level 126 attacks a level 51 they get very little in terms of xp, medals and rss so they don’t gain anything but I’m assuming you’re talking about the PvP event. To be fair to the level 126 they don’t have much choice, especially in lower leagues, to attack people closer to their level and they need points too. If we were unable to attack someone more than 15 levels apart many players wouldn’t be able to participate in the event at all. What about a level 100 who wants to attack a level 170 for more points but can’t because of this restriction? That’s not fair either.

It is possible to complete a season branch if you do well in events but that isn’t the case for lower levels. You don’t earn as many points in breeding because your dragons use less tokens, you don’t earn as many points in fortification events because your buildings cost less so you spend less shards, etc. You also can’t hit the players worth the most points in PvP. A lower level player can’t expect to complete a season branch without spending but we’ve all been in that position. By the time you get to emerald tier these divines will be old news and newer dragons will have been released. With planning and as you progress in the game getting sigils becomes easier so it won’t always be this hard.


Meanwhile I’m over here laughing about the “too many eggs to get a dragon when you reach orange dragons” comment.
You poor thing, you have no idea what’s coming.


That’s great… They may want to stop while their ahead.


In case the OP was unaware, some dragons cost 220k egg tokens. Yes that’s two hundred and twenty thousand tokens. If the cost of Orange tier puts you off, you may want to consider continuing.


How much I love these posts! You guys make me laugh almost every morning :joy::+1:t3:


Reactions to your first PvP game experience can be so adorable :blush:


A level 51 could easily finish a seasonal dragon tree… I’m currently level 64, started this season at level 49. I’m a very active player, but with a bit of thought and strategy with planning for events means I’ll not only finish 1 season dragon line, but I’ll also have another to platinum level. I don’t spend for events, just plan for each one. It’s roughly 25k sigils to complete a tree - over a season of events that’s easily reachable. Next season with the added points I’ll gain in forti/breeding/feeding events I’ll be looking to complete 2 lines… I pay for elite, that’s it currently. End of the day it’s a strategy game, you can pay for things and make it easier, or put thought into to and grind it out a little.

And orange tier… well enjoy the cheap costs down there, you got much more to come yet :rofl: I’d suggest checking out reds breeding paths, I follow them and her work is a god send in the sense of breeding!


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