LF Active Plat 1 team

Looking for active team in plat 1 with Atlas.
A team that, you know, talks and defends you if needed.
I’m pretty active, I come on everyday.
Also, a team that has a bit of a laugh once in a while would be cool cus you know, this game gets a bit eugh sometimes.

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LFT – lvl 230 –


Language: English
Time Zone: GMT+8
Played time: 2-3 years
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Nah, mate
Dragon Roster Includes: Sylphen, Gunnar, Scorpa, Cuauhtli
Highest Lineage Dragon: Renard


I need team officer for my gold 3 lvl team

Team name GiG1

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that wasn’t really what they’re looking for…

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HostileIntent, plat I, is a great team that loves to talk and almost always has someone on.


Platinum 2 currently but solid team, check out darkshades

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