LF atlas team to partner with possibly

Okay so firstly my question to veteran players, is how plausible would it be to find a team willing to partner up in the game with for mutual benifit? They would need to be at LEAST platinum, preferably 1 or even sapphire(doubtful i know), with atlas.

The point of the partnership would be that my team has no atlas but theirs would - my team could grow players and and house any who are tired of the atlas drama and for those who’d want to grow, they would have a place to go in said atlas team.
I feel like a give and take of members like this would be great for any team that wanted to rise to the more challenging leagues, and it would help us by possibly getting higher levels enough to survive platinum.

Basically I have a new team that i know will never survive beyond gold 1without atlas, or some form of support. (Which would be a sister/partner team)
And without any way to get atlas, or members to join beyond lvls 1-25 we will just be stagnant and thats no fun.
I love my wars.

I personally have no desire for atlas. Been there done that at it’s not fun for me. Pleanty of my teammates feel the same, and i know there are others too, who are higher levels, but all the better rewards teams require it.

I want my team to be a place for those kind of people. I want my members to have a home to go to, without ‘leaving’ the team. A lot of my members love our team but they will eventually want atlas and i want them to have that without actually thinking they are betraying their team.

Thoughts on plausibility?
Anyone possibly interested or curious about this?

Here is some information on us:

Currently gold II
Age range any
English but all time zones
47/50 members
Highest level player is 198
Our level range is 10 to ^ but generally around lvl 50-80

It’s a chill team that only requires wars. We pretty much focus on helping new players grow and learn the game, and having fun together.

So basically you want to be a feeder team to a team with atlas? Frankly, I don’t think an atlas team will be interested in a bunch of people who have never even opened atlas.

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Depends… new players have a hunger for the game old ones don’t… they’re lazy compared to new players IMO… U don’t need to know atlas well to still be helpful to a atlas team… being active and being able to defend helps more than being a high level high glory prim sitting on a castle not moving :speak_no_evil:

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As someone that has been on a gold team with atlas and a sapphire team with atlas, the difference is unbelievable. Half of the people in gold didn’t even open atlas. So no, I don’t think older players are lazier.


If ur running a feeder team for a atlas team then I would assume the players moving up would be ones that wanna play atlas… not ones that won’t open it lol…

Hi ,
In my opinion choosing not to have atlas is a mistaken idea to begin with even without much participation in the atlas action u lose so much things that make the player grow the xp runs alone without doing anything else is worth the option and possiblity if timers players get just for leveling gear that u will want to do anyway.
U really don’t have to be active in atlas to benefit from it.
But if u were u would get even more but that’s a choice that’s not for everyone


Which was my point, not everyone is cut out for atlas. Almost all the teams i know that have atlas (in higher leagues) require the participation.
So what it seems like to me, is you either have it and need to use it or don’t and won’t.

But if u merge with a team that atlas is just an option for thos who wants to take advantage of it. Then u wont need to keep switching players around

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Honestly… to the OP… I get where u are coming from… it’s been a while since I’ve been on a team where I felt like that…
But honestly… it’s not a very good idea… imo.

Atlas is kinda one of those things where your initial reaction is absolute hate and loathing… but once you practice, get on a good team, learn the ropes… you tend to really only live for atlas…

I was also one of those, many moons ago now, that refused to play atlas… only wanted the original gameplay…
Then I finally realized without atlas the game literally is like walking through sludge… :expressionless:. The benefits are unmatched tbh… if nothing more then your invader base for xp runs :+1: obtaining shards for the gear you need…

My fear for you, is that once people get a taste of atlas… they will inevitably all want it for nothing less then the benefits… but it’s your team and totally up to you… you do you and what makes your wings flap :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:


I get what you’re saying, and i know people all eventually leave for atlas, but i can’t help but wonder where that leaves new teams that have no chance at getting it.
It almost feels to me like all new teams are doomed, unless a planned amount of very high level and experienced players created one that was able to get to sapphire leaugue just so they could get atlas… See where im coming from? I want to find a way for my team to surivie even against those odds. The best idea i could think of, was the above.
Having had atlas for a while i get the whole ’ game gets boring without it’ but im at a point where my play/growth is slow and atlas took too much time away from the simple things. I wanted the break. Now i can’t have it, but its still not worth it to me.
Plus, atlas was the reason one of the last teams i was on completely imploded. Quite a complicated and… Dramatic place lol.

I can’t be the only 100+ player who is fine without atlas, even if just for a time. And even if there are extremely few, i don’t mind taking the time to find them.

I guese what you’re all saying though, is that no higher league team wants a ‘feeder’ team?
Isn’t that the best way to have a stable team so high up though? Without a lot of players ready and willing to join right away I’d imagine the time it takes to find said players would be enough for plenty of wars to be declared…

Contact the leader of GoWRefugees and let her know what you have in mind and see if there is an interest in being a feeder clan?

My team Ancientheart could use a sister team. We are a Plat 4 team. Write to me if ud like to join us :blush:
Ign Dmello

There are some benefits to a feeder/sister team, but the problem with this is that a lot of teams in higher leagues don’t want to take the time to groom someone to be successful in atlas, especially if said person has zero to little experience with it. It takes time to learn the ins and outs. It’s not just collecting rewards and goodies. There are LOTS of do’s and don’ts. It’s more of an investment, so swapping in and out does no one any good. The player gets bits and pieces intermittently, the hosting team is CONSTANTLY repeating themselves and chasing after people, more so than with their regular members, and the feeder loses out on long term gain by not focussing internal growth. There’s no stability in that, imo.

Just my 2-cents. I hope you find what you’re looking for. :hugs::kissing_heart:


Good way of putting it. I personally cringe when talking about feeder teams. Having said that, there are many that do have them. Shrug

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