Lf dying atlas team

Searching for a dying atlas team(I don’t care what league) just need a new home for my team and myself that has atlas but nolonger has active members. As apposed to folding and letting the team be disolved after everyone has been autokicked. I would like to bring my team there to revitalize it; and gain us access to atlas since this last update came as a shock. We worked really hard to get to and stay in plat for nothing apparently. D3athlydescent in game thy.

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Sending you an in-game message

Still searching reach out to me here or in game. Thy.

Sending you pm

More so looking for a disbanding atlas team that hasn’t any players left so that our leadership n officers and carry over to the new team aswell. ( if anyone has a team about to be dosoveled from everyone being inactive n autokicked lmk before its gone)

Good luck. There are disbanding teams, but most of them have given away their castles and don’t want to see a bunch of crappy players take over the team they spent a long time building. They’d rather the team name disappear and remember the good old days than see a bunch of rookies take it over and see their glory day teams down in gold league.

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Lmao thy, already had one successful take over on my main… now lookng for an alt, and gold doesn’t always mean crappy inexperienced players btw. Some are just more relaxed when it comes to video games because real life takes priority.


You have better chance of finding a good merge if you willing to negotiate officers and leadership positions. No one will be willing to give 100% authority to any merge if they are not morons.I suggest you ask for a team willing to allow you to keep leadership and 1or 2 officer positions and give them the other 2 or 3 position to fill with there choosing. My team not looking for a merge though. Only merge we ever had (over 2 years ago) was successful but gave me gray hair and huge headache. Wish you luck

No one will be willing to give 100% authority to any merge if they are not morons.

“Merge” isn’t quite the right word for what OP is looking for. He’s not looking for a team that is still playing. He’s looking for a team that has Atlas but is on the brink of disbanding entirely—one that is willing to hand over the keys on their way out instead of turning the lights out and boarding up the doors.

People who are willing to do that aren’t morons. They’re just letting someone occupy a house that would otherwise disappear without a trace.


Right a take over

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Advanced search for plat teams. Check not full. Look through them and and look for teams with a low amount of players.

SKYphoenix, my team was found like that. There were 7 people on it. One of my other devices became the Leader, by chance, when the leader went inactive. They joined with another screenname and Said PG messed up and banned him for no reason! So I kicked him for no reason! And took over the team.

Did you do the advanced search for plat teams that are not full?
There are about 10 teams that look like they are dying, as you say.

One team has auto apply on, about 4 people on the team. 1 Leader no officers and a leader that’s about to go inactive from the medals they have.

I’d join that team and see if you can take it over. Or wait for the leader teammates left to get autokicked.

I’m still confused as to what the succession rules are for that case, but there are also almost 10 teams that you can reach out to.

I hope this helps.

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Certainly does, what was the name of that team with 4 players btw?

Still looking btw pm in game

Honestly, you have to recognize that the people who are struggling to keep their teams alive are probably a little reluctant to simply hand them over. Now, I was able to do what you are asking for…but I was lucky and it was a friendly team that reached out to me for help.

Rather than just asking for a dying team to admit defeat and give you the keys to their castle, consider trying to merge with a team that is struggling. There are PLENTY of atlas teams with fewer than 40 players. Some of them even have castles. I’m sure they would welcome the help.

I think you guys can have what you’re after, but think outside the box. It’s possible that the solution lies in simply partnering with a struggling atlas team, and allowing the more active players from both teams to migrate into the atlas team.

Just a thought…good luck

Still need a new home for my team pm or find me here

I know of a team (my old one) that been in P3 for about a year before losing many big players and now knocked down to gold. They have several castles in good locations and honestly good and still loyal people at the head. You won’t probably get leader position (at least right away before proving good intentions :smile:) but officers sure. I can send a note so you can have a chat and see what you all can do and if a merge can be as a first step at least. Right now they are mostly filled with 30-40 lvl except those loyal ones. PM me if you’re interested.

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Yea pm solember

I’ve run across several while cruising low or inactive teams for anyone still active to try and recruit. Put some effort into looking and you will find one.

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