LF indy 5ta P2-P4

Looking for an incomplete standalone 5ta without large no-hit lists, or for separate teams willing to form such a rare thing. The purpose is to help each other defend against snipers. Want to check how well can small teams do at the 5ta level, as seems to be intended in the game, without a big alliance :sweat_smile:

APR 974, nearing Plat3, one castle, some experience.

If you’re still looking for a team to join, here’s a few. Some are in atlas alliances and others are pirates. Figured options wouldn’t hurt :wink:

Of course there are more teams looking for people, just gotta keep your eye out for them

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Sorry if I worded it in a confusing way, but this is about a team looking for an indy 5ta. Thanks for your effort in trying to help though!

Found one, thanks! @moderators please close