LF Plat2-3 Team - Relaxed/Chill - Has Atlas

Level: 305
Language: English and Spanish
Time Zone: CST
Played time: Nearly six years
Elite Account?: Nope
Dragon Roster Includes: Marav, Sho’Groth, Dreth, and soon Ikkumma
Highest Lineage Dragon: Should be Destar once I finish breeding him

About: So I just got back from a hiatus that I took during the spring season and am looking for a team. Nothing too serious of a team, just a chill and laid backed one.


Another one? lol


Yep. Life gets rough at times ngl

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well if ur looking for a relaxed plat 3 team with atlas LDKDragons is close to plat 3 :blush:


Yeah sure! I wouldn’t mind joining :slight_smile:

Just sent an application your guys’ way

@moderators y’all can close the thread now pls. Found a team : )

Closed on OP request